The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates and Outlook: Week of August 25th

For week of August 25th: Mars transits the “danger zone” now for increased geopolitical tensions as it will inconjunct Uranus and then conjunct Saturn on the next New Moon on Monday, August 25th. On Tuesday, Venus squares Saturn. On Wednesday, Venus squares Mars. On Friday, the Sun forms an opposition to Neptune. These “bearish” aspects […]

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The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates and Outlook: Week of August 18th

For week of August 18th: The stock indices began to turn down once again on Friday’s key reversal day and Mercury’s ingress into Virgo. Venus completes a conjunction to Jupiter on Sunday. Mercury opposes Neptune on Monday. On Thursday, Mercury trines Pluto. On Friday, the Sun enters Virgo.  Mars is also transiting the “danger zone” […]

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The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates and Outlook: Week of August 11th

For week of August 11th: The Sun completes a square to Saturn on Saturday the 9th and the Full Moon is on Sunday, the 10th. Venus enters Leo on Tuesday. On Friday, Mars sextiles Pluto and Mercury enters Virgo. The E-Mini tested the important 1894 planetary and fib. support level after hours on Thursday, the […]

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Planetary Price Chart of the Month. “Confirmed S & P July Top and Reversal”

The week of July 21st was one of the strongest turn dates of the year. The advance into Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction on July 24th at the high at 1986, confirmed a top and reversal down. The 1986 level was the correct planetary price level for the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. A significant trend change down began after […]

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