Planetary Price Chart of the Month August 2012 (Gold)

The Uranus/Pluto cycle is defining the highs and lows in Gold and is accurate support and resistance. A break out above 1628 would be bullish again for a continuation higher.

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Planetary Price Chart of the Month: July 2012

Jupiter was square Neptune on June 25th. Uranus was square Pluto the day before. Neptune is the traditional planetary ruler of Crude oil. I consider Pluto the co-ruler of Crude.

The planetary price level for the Jupiter square Neptune aspect held as support at the low. This cycle timed the bottom and a change in trend up again confirmed with price at the correct planetary price level.

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Combining Planetary Tools with the 1st Trade Chart

It’s Friday morning, June 7th, and the stock indices are down once again. This time the trigger is a negative announcement from Intel which lowered its second quarter sales forecast. On the other hand, the data on the economy this week happened to be better than expected. The jobless rate fell to 5.8 % in May, while most analysts were forecasting a rise.

So much for the news, let’s see what the planets have to say about all of this. If you happened to be short the Dow, the markets open sharply lower, but then suddenly start to turn around and go back up. You click on aspects research and the live planetary clock in the Galactic Trader program and notice that the Moon was sextile (60 degrees) Jupiter at 09:11AM, EDT and then will square (90 degrees) Neptune at 05:27PM, EDT. There is a positive aspect before the open and then a negative one after the close from the Moon. The Sun was exactly opposed (180 degrees) Pluto at 12:49AM, EDT and Jupiter was also semi-sextile (30 degrees) the North Node at 03:09AM, EDT. These are two more stressful aspects that became exact before the open, indicating a reversal may be in store today. Generally speaking, soft aspects such as the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees) tend to be bullish and hard aspects such as the semi-square (45 degrees), square (90 degrees), sesqui-square (135 degrees), and opposition ( 180 degrees), tend to be bearish. The quincunx or inconjunct (150 degrees) is a stressful aspect that usually brings a price adjustment in either direction or price fluctuations. The semi-sextile aspect (30 degrees) is stressful as well since it involves planets in signs that have nothing in common, incompatible elements and qualities. The Conjunction ( 0 degrees) is the most powerful and intense of all aspects and can be positive or negative depending on the planets involved. Any hard aspects involving Saturn are almost always quite negative for market sentiment. You also see from the aspects research feature in the program that the Sun will conjunct (0 degrees) Saturn on Sunday, June 9th, and we will have a Solar Eclipse on Monday, June 10th. These are more bearish astrological indicators.

Shown is chart A, a 78 minute chart for the June Mini ($5) Dow futures from May 29th through June 11th to illustrate the planetary lines in use. My planetary lines for Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are set for the 8th harmonic (450 point multiples) and Mars at 360. These planetary harmonics are not randomly set but are based on the actual aspects between the planets, or the harmonics within the aspects. I also have the planet Mars set at the 1st harmonic because of its ingress into the sign of Cancer on May 28th and for when it begins to cross the 24 line on June 6th. The 24 line is a tool from Jeanne Long’s “Universal Clock©” book. Basically, when planets hit multiples of 24 degrees, which is the 15th harmonic, reversals often occur. Setting Mars at 360 which equals 0 degrees or the 1st harmonic, hits two birds with one stone. It covers the actual longitude of Mars for the ingress in Cancer and the 24 degree multiple for when Mars hits 6 degrees of Cancer. 360 is a multiple of 24. You can see how precise these planetary lines were at timing the highs and lows I also use the dynamic trio own and next indicator from the Fibonacci Trader™ program to define the trend, and as my trailing stop.

Shown in chart B, is a natal chart for when the Dow ($5) mini futures contracts first began trading with the transits on June 7th . This data is taken directly from the CBOT website. The date and time trading began was on April 4, 2002 at 08:15PM, CST, Chicago, IL. Each point equals $5.00 per contract. What is really telling are the aspects to the 1st Trade chart on Friday, June 7th when the Dow reversed and starting going back up and the aspects on June 11th. While the trend is down, and this move on June 7th is very likely to be just another short lived rally, it might be a good idea to take profits, cover the short, and either go long on the short term, or stand aside and attempt to re-enter the short trade at higher prices when the trend changes again. How do we know when the trend will most likely change again? Well, in addition to the planetary tools and planetary price harmonics which can be determined from using the Galactic Trader program™, we now have an additional tool to work with, the 1st Trade chart for the Mini Dow.

When Mars began to cross the 24 on June 6th, the Moon was also sextile (60 degrees) Mars just before the open on Friday, June 7th. This alone is a sign to look for a reversal in spite of very negative sentiment in the market. In the Mini Dow natal chart, the planet Mars began to conjunct (0 degrees) its Jupiter at the same time the Moon was sextile (60 degrees) transiting Mars and natal Jupiter. This is one of the most positive aspects in astrology, a Mars/Jupiter conjunction! Jupiter rules the 2nd house with Sagittarius on the cusp and is in the 8th house. So the Mars/Jupiter conjunction is also affecting the money houses. Looking ahead on Monday, June 10th, transiting Mars, still in the 8th house, moves off of Jupiter but is now trine (120 degrees) the Ascendant. This is another positive aspect. On Tuesday, June 11th, Mars begins to semisquare (45 degrees) natal Mars. Could this be the aspect that starts to rain on the parade? Yes. But the Moon is also in the 8th house and will trine (120 degrees) Uranus in the natal chart and transiting Uranus which are almost the same degrees. This is the reversal aspect I was looking for, indicating when the party is probably going to end. This is as good as it gets. When two transiting planets are trine (120 degrees) one another, they also come together on the Universal clock. When two or more planets come together on the Universal Clock or Wheel of 24, reversals are highly likely to occur. This is also confirmed in the natal chart, with transiting Mars moving in to form a stressful aspect to Mars, the semi-square (45 degrees) and with the final positive aspect to Uranus, the trine, (120 degrees), from the Moon. Tuesday, June 11th was the top and big reversal day. We were up over 100 points and almost at the exact time the Moon formed the trine to Uranus, we topped out and reversed big time. The June Mini Dow closed down for the day 132 points.

For sake of simplicity, I have not included all of the transits to the natal chart, just the most important ones relative to the daily price movements in this example. As a general rule, the outer planet transits to the natal chart, indicate the greater trend via the higher time frames, weekly and monthly, and the inner planet transits indicate the price movements on a lower time frame, the daily price bars. The transits of the Moon indicate the price movements on an intra-day basis via the 1, 5, 15, 78 minute time frames and daily time frames.

Looking ahead in the future to the following week of June 17th through June 21st, I notice that transiting Saturn will quincunx (150

degrees) the natal Moon and semi-square (45 degrees) Venus at the same time transiting Jupiter is opposed (180 degrees) the natal Moon. Quite a negative planetary configuration for the entire week ahead! On Monday, June 17th, we did have a huge rally however. The reason for this is the same cycle repeated again when we had the last rally on Friday, June 7th. This was the Moon sextile Jupiter aspect. This time it was transiting Moon sextile (60 degrees) transiting Jupiter instead of transiting Moon sextile (60 degrees) natal Jupiter. However, since the trend is down, and the stressful aspects from Saturn and Jupiter are there for the whole week, I viewed this as yet another excellent opportunity to sell the rally. Sure enough, the rally began to fizzle out again the following day, and we had another nice move back down on Wednesday, June 19th through Friday, June 21st. On Friday, June 21st, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer at the same time the planet Mars is also quincunx (150 degrees) Pluto. This planetary ingress and aspect is another warning to be on the look out for a reversal on Friday or Monday. The last week in June, Saturn moves off of this negative configurative previously mentioned, and transiting Mercury and Venus will now sextile and trine the Sun and Mercury in the Mini Dow chart. The Sun will also sextile Venus and then conjunct Jupiter on Friday, June 28th. Hmmm, I wonder what this might mean?

For traders that have limited knowledge of astrology, the Galactic Stock Trader™ program is very user friendly and has an excellent transit search feature that will inform you each day of the transits for any particular stock or commodity. This additional information is enough to give astro-traders an edge over other traders using more traditional forms of analysis. Good trading to everyone.