Bitcoin Price Predictions 2019

Bitcoin price predictions 2019, (posted on December 19th, 2018). In my last article for Bitcoin, BTC, I listed in advance that the period from 11/06 – 11/08 was most important for a turning point for Bitcoin and that key planetary support for BTC at 5850 was the “line in the sand” to hold for a turn higher again. A break of this important level would trigger a new sell signal. It was during this time frame that BTC began to turn lower. However, it wasn’t until Nov. 14th when BTC broke the important 5850 planetary support level that held the low during the entire year of 2018. This strong sell signal occurred within two trading days of Mars’ ingress into the sign of Pisces.

Was this downturn and breakdown of key support in BTC predictable? From the analysis of the transits in BTC’s chart, definitely yes. The next strong downturn in BTC and crypto-currencies was timed by the planet Uranus retrograding back into the sign of Aries and Jupiter entering Sagittarius, (Nov. 6th – 8th). This event also timed one of the worst wild fires in the history of California.

See transit chart for Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn in the BTC chart. This transit began and was strongest when Uranus entered Aries on Nov. 6th and continued during the month of November, the worst month of the entire year for Crypto. Uranus in Aries was also square, (90 degrees), the Nodes of the Moon, a very stressful planetary cycle. If we include Venus in Libra, there is a “cardinal cross” with Uranus, the Nodes, and Venus, to Jupiter in the BTC chart. A cardinal cross occurs when planets are at 90 degree multiples to each other in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It is a high energy period.  There was also another bearish aspect from transiting Saturn conjunct Mars and square the Moon.

Jupiter square Uranus or Uranus square Jupiter showing up in a chart for a stock, commodity, or crypto-currency is a negative transit, and usually brings a downturn unless there are other strong compensating factors in the planetary analysis. The same things goes in an individual’s chart. This transit can bring a reversal of fortunes or losses in many cases unless the downside risk in managed well. The best cycles for financial success and opportunities in a person’s chart occur when Jupiter sextiles, (60 degrees), or trines, (120 degrees), Uranus or Uranus sextiles or trines Jupiter. The conjunction, (0 degrees), can be either favorable or challenging depending on how Jupiter or Uranus aspects other planets in the birth chart. The same rule applies to 1st trade charts for stocks, commodities, forex, and crypto-currencies.

This is an updated daily chart for BTC for Dec. 12th, 2018. The break out below 5850 in November was a strong sell signal. The decline to continued to test Uranus planetary support at 3310. There are two important conjunctions in the month of December and at the very beginning of January. The planetary price level for the Sun/Saturn conjunction on January 2nd, 2019 is at 2800. The planetary price level for the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st is at 2480. Important planetary support for a low to complete in the December or early January time frame is likely to be at the 3310 – 2800 level. This target was already reached. The Sun/Saturn level for the Solstice and conjunction is likely to be a strong floor. In the event price breaks down below 2800, next planetary support is at the 2480 level for the important Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the 21st. From the perspective of the longer term weekly and monthly charts, this is still only a major retracement and correction, (wave 2), of a longer term bull market and uptrend. I am expecting the longer term cycle to continue during Uranus’ transit in Taurus. Uranus will officially enter Taurus for another 7 years on March 6th, 2019. A very important turn date to watch in 2019.

The bear market in Crypto-currencies in 2018 is associated with the Saturn cycle in Capricorn that began on Dec. 19, 2017. It is also by no coincidence that the final wave lower began when retrograde Uranus, (planetary ruler of Crypto), went back into the sign of Aries. There is also a stressful planetary cycle of Uranus in Aries square, (90 degrees), the Nodes of the Moon in Capricorn and Cancer. The month of December is when the Winter Solstice occurs on Dec. 21st. Mars will enter Aries on Dec. 31st and the Sun conjuncts Saturn on Jan. 1st. A low or a turn around is likely to begin again by the beginning of January.  Stay tuned for more important updates and charts in 2019.

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Bitcoin Price Predictions 2018

Bitcoin was first introduced on January 3, 2009 at 06:15PM, GMT. This is the time the first Genesis block was mined. (Source:

The inventor or inventors of Bitcoin go by the pseudo-name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The creation of the new digital cash system, by no coincidence, was around the time of the great financial meltdown and crisis of 2008 caused by reckless, fraudulent banks gambling on subprime loans and derivatives. The actions allowed by the “too big to fail banks” almost completely destroyed the financial system. Since then, central banks have created approximately 14 trillion dollars of “funny money” to rescue themselves from the financial crisis they created and to re-inflate asset prices such as equities and real estate into the stratosphere.

The purpose of Bitcoin was to create a “trustless” cash system without the interference of third party intermediaries. Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever be mined. Many multi-national corporations now accept Bitcoin for payment and there are Bitcoin ATM’s in most countries including the U.S. Bitcoin futures contracts were recently launched at the CBOE on Dec. 10 of 2017. Exchange traded funds, (ETF’s), for Bitcoin may soon be approved before the end of 2018.

The cryptocurrency market has presently grown to approximately 2000 “altcoins” and has a market cap at approximately 200 billion as of this writing. (Source: Bitcoin is in 1st place. Is it any wonder that Bitcoin is the leader of the pack with four planets, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn!

See birth chart for when Bitcoin was first introduced on Jan. 3, 2009 at 06:15PM, GMT. A “solar equilibrium” chart was created placing the Sun on the ascendant since there is no actual physical location for the first Genesis block mined, only the time stamp.

Bitcoin has been pronounced dead countless of times since its inception, and every time it has proved its skeptics and naysayers wrong. It has crashed and come back to life to make new all time highs many times. The most significant move higher took place in 2017 when Bitcoin completed a top at almost 20,000 on Dec. 17, 2017.  Is it any coincidence that the CME also launched their Bitcoin futures contract on the same exact date? That alone was a major red flag!

What were the astrological signs of a top in Bitcoin in December of 2017?  The most obvious and major planetary event was the ingress of Saturn into the sign of Capricorn on Dec. 20th. The Winter Solstice was the following day when the Sun entered Capricorn and formed a conjunction to Saturn. See chart for daily price chart for Bitcoin with the bars colored for Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn and the Sun/Saturn conjunction. The top and trend lower began within three trading days of these planetary events.

What is the astrological signature for this kind of volatility and the rise and fall of Bitcoin? It is the same planetary cycle associated with the market crash and financial meltdown of 2008. It is Saturn opposed, (180 degrees), Uranus. The strongest aspect in the chart for Bitcoin is Saturn in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces within 3 degrees of orb. Fortunately, the Sun in Capricorn is well aspected, and forms a favorable trine, (120 degree), to Saturn in Virgo, and sextile, (60 degrees), to Uranus in Pisces. Bitcoin has continued to rise from the ashes and soar to new heights every time. Will this time be any different? Has the bubble already burst? From an astrological perspective, I think not.

Welcome Uranus in Taurus, (May 2018 – April 2026). The planet Uranus spends approximately seven years in a sign. Uranus will retrograde back into Aries one final time on November 6, 2018 and will officially enter Taurus again on March 6th, 2019. Digital cash and cryptocurrencies are not a passing fad. They are here to stay. What can be more symbolic of digital currency than Uranus, (digital), in Taurus, (currency)! We will probably be witnessing the final death of fiat, paper money during this cycle.

Prediction: The cryptocurrency market cap will grow into the trillions of dollars during Uranus’ transit in Taurus. The big money has not even entered this sector yet. The banking system as we presently know it today, will change dramatically or may cease to exist during the next seven years.

What’s next for Bitcoin during the 4th quarter of 2018?  Bitcoin has been in a bear market in 2018, but has been consolidating and forming a base during the Summer season above key planetary support at the 1st harmonic, (360), Jupiter line. This important planetary support level has accurately held the lows on February 6th, June 24th, and August 14th of 2018. Just a coincidence? This key planetary price level is at 5850 and is the “line in the sand” to hold for a turn higher again. (See chart example #3). Key planetary resistance is now at 7520, (Saturn/Uranus 3rd harmonic, 120 lines), and at 8500 – 8720, (Jupiter, Saturn/Uranus lines), at the July 25th top. A break out above 8500 – 8720 is needed to begin to confirm a trend change to higher levels. See planetary price chart with key planetary support and resistance levels.

The most important key turn dates during the 4th quarter of 2018 for tops, bottoms, and trend reversals are likely to be within a couple trading days of these important dates: 09/30; 10/05; 10/11; 10/23; 10/31; 11/06 – 11/08* (most important); 11/16; 11/26; 12/02; 12/07; 12/20 – 12/21* (most important); 12/31* (most important).

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QQQ reaches 144 Fibonacci number at high in June, 2017. First red flag for tech stocks and stock indices

QQQ reached the 144 Fibonacci number at the high on June 9th, 2017. This is also at the Uranus planetary line and resistance.

As you probably already know, 144 is one of the master Fibonacci numbers.

(1 + 1 = 2. 1 + 2 = 3. 2 + 3 = 5. 3 + 5 = 8. 5 + 8 = 13. 8 + 13 = 21. 13 + 21 = 34. 21 + 34 = 55. 34 + 55 = 89. 55 + 89 = 144)

This is the first red flag for uptrend in tech stocks. Price would have to break out above 144 to turn more bullish again.

Tech stocks are likely to lead the stock indices lower when they break down.

A break of 136.50 is the next sell signal in the daily chart.

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Vix Market Timing. Vix gets lift off! Planetary price chart for the low

Vix market timing. The important and strong turn period of the month from June 3rd – 6th I indicated in advance to subscribers and readers of my weekly market blog got the job done!

Gold began to surge higher on Friday, June 3rd. This move continued all of last week. The stock indices completed a top when the Vix completed a bottom on Tuesday, June 7th, within one trading day of this important turn period.

The Vix, volatility index, was extremely oversold and at depressed levels at the begining of June. At the low, VXX, the etf for Vix, was down roughly 60% since the Feb. 11th top. It looked like no bottom was in site. This is usually a red flag for stock market bulls and precedes something major happening or a trend change down in stocks. Case in point was last Summer in July when the Vix was making new lows just before the crash.

The chart I posted is for the VXX, the etf for the Vix, which completed a bottom on Tuesday, June 7th, just one trading day after the strong June 3rd – 6th turn period of the month and “mutable grand cross” involving the Sun/Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

The VXX gets lift off like a rocket ship the last two trading days! Watching 19.63 as the next destination point. There is much more upside potential when the stock market begins to break down further during the Summer.

The planetary low on June 7th was at the 1st harmonic Jupiter/No. Node lines for the important conjunction in June. The Nodes of the Moon are astronomical points where the ecliptic crosses the path of the Moon. The Nodes are important in astrology and financial astrology.

You can view it here at my planetary price charts page at the bottom. Click on chart to expand.

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