Financial astrology trading times the low in Gold

ScreenHunter_94 Oct. 08 23.13

A rare grand trine involving Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus occurs during the Oct 4th – 8th time frame. Dec. Gold completed a precise low for this planetary configuration on Monday, Oct. 6th. Straight up ever since price and time came together on this date. See astrology trading, financial astrology.

Forex Market Timing. Where is the low in the Eur/Usd?

Eur/Usd Planetary price chart for Oct. 4, 2014

As the US dollar surges higher and the Eur/Usd is tanking to new lows, how do you when and where a bottom is likely to unfold and the next trend change will begin?  Whoever says it’s impossible to pick tops or bottoms doesn’t use financial astrology and have the right planetary timing tools and understanding of how the markets really work.

For Forex market timing, the Eur/Usd is testing longer term planetary support for the Uranus/Pluto cycle on Oct. 3rd.  This level is likely to hold the low and time a trend up again next week on Monday, Oct. 6th. Not a time to be short anymore in light of this planetary price chart! See financial astrology and free 30 day trial offer of Galactic Trader astrology trading software .

“X” Marks the spot for XAU low and trend reversal today

XAU Sept. 11th Low

Do you get harmonics? “X” Marks the spot at 1st harmonic low and trend reversal in XAU today. This was the trade of the day.

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