Astrological Consultant, T.S. Phillips, with over 20 years of professional full time experience.

A well trained, educated, certified astrologer since the 1990’s has also taught all levels of astrology and planetary market timing, and has been a featured speaker at the Sydney Astrological Research Society, National Council for Geocosmic Research, United Astrology Congress, AstroEconomics, and other conferences.

His expertise includes Horary (answering specific questions), Electional (planning important events), Natal (birth chart analysis), Relationships (Synastry analysis), Relocation (determining ideal locations to live), Forecasting (Timing solutions and planning based on your cycles and individual birth chart), and Financial Astrology, (Market Timing Specialist based on planetary timing methods).

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1/2 hour consultation appts. are also available and recorded for your review.

To book an appt, visit the Getting Started Consultation page, review rates and different services, and send your complete birth details.

You may also reach Ted at (310) 456-8777, pacific time.

May the stars shine brightly on you!

T.S. Phillips