Individualized Astrological Consultations

Astrology Chart Readings by professional astrologer with over 20 years experience, T.S. Phillips.

There are many types of astrology chart readings depending on your goals or issues you are having to provide guidance and solutions. For example, you can get an immediate answer to a specific question or gain more insight into yourself. You can determine your compatibility with another individual or know your own more favorable or challenging cycles in advance to make better decisions and navigate your life. You can also have a planned chart for any important event such as forming a business or new partnership or purchase.  This stacks the deck in your favor for having greater success. You can also determine your most favorable places to live!

The different areas of personal astrology services I provide for my clients include:

    • Natal Chart Reading – An in-depth chart analysis based on your own birth date, time, and place of birth. Your strengths, natural talents and abilities, life path, and challenging areas to resolve in your life are resolved. Increased awareness of who you are leads to greater personal freedom!
    • Forecasting –  A detailed analysis of your own personal cycles and transits for the next six month including longer term cycles lasting 1 – 2 year. Very in-depth including all secondary charts. This will give you greater clarity of the main themes and timing to navigate through during the year and can make a huge, positive difference in your life to help you co-create your reality and highest intention!
    • Horary and Electional Astrology – Horary  is the area used to answer “specific questions” you may have based on the exact time you ask me the questions. A chart is run and analyzed for this special moment in time. This is a specialized area of mine for almost 20 years. Electional astrology is used to determine the most favorable dates or times to initiate important events in your life, such as signing agreements, important purchases, marriage, starting a business, etc.
    • Astrology Compatibility – An analysis based on two peoples birth charts for areas of strength, compatibility, or weaknesses, incompatible areas. This can be very helpful before forming long term partnerships whether business or personal, and increases your awareness of the main themes in a relationship for greater insight and clarity.
    • Relocation – This involves relocating your birth chart to different localities to help you better realize your potential or create a type of energy for your present life path or purpose in your life. While your natal chart is most important, your relocated chart does have a certain influence. We can look at the best places in the world for you and areas best to avoid geographically.
    • Please visit astrology services for the complete list of prices before submitting a consultation request form with your birth details.


After reviewing my rates and you would like to schedule an appt., please send your card details using my secure form and specify if you would like a 1/2 hr. consultation for $150 or 1 hr. for $300.  You will not be charged until we speak and arrange an appt.

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Frequently Asked Questions


First of all, no one is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. I aim to be about 80% accurate with my horary questions and personal forecasts, and 70% accurate or higher with calling the market on a daily basis. Over time, you'll find this to be true. One of my horary clients has been asking specific questions on a regular basis for several years and writes down every one of my answers in her diary. I asked her recently "how accurate am I ?", and she replied "about 8 or 9 times out of 10." If your horary question is of a serious nature it will be reflected in the chart and the chart will be considered "radical." Usually, these kinds of charts have very few gray areas and can be answered with a very high degree of accuracy. If a chart has gray areas and I'm not sure of some interpretations, I will let you know. Timing questions are a little tricky and I like to look at the natal chart as well to confirm the same timing indicators showing up in the horary chart. I have a little bit higher margin of error with finding lost objects than your basic "yes or no" type questions, but usually the direction and whereabouts of the lost object will be clearly indicated in the chart as well as if it will be recovered. During your personal forecast appointment, I do not like to outline specific outcomes because we all have a certain amount of free will and the power to change things. I translate the meaning of specific planetary cycles and the best course of action to take during these periods.
This is a good question. Usually, I recommend not asking the same question for at least another few months. The good thing is that no answer is etched in stone. It is possible to get a different answer at some other point in time.
Definitely not. A good electional chart increases one's probability of a successful outcome. It's all about wise planning and taking advantage of the best possible astrological periods to initiate important events in your life. The best electional chart in the world cannot overcome certain planetary patterns a person was born with or if someone is going through a tough time due to certain planetary cycles. The electional chart always helps, but to what degree is based on these other factors. On the other hand, someone could be in one the best timing cycles for success, but initiate the new venture at a poor time and this will limit the amount of success that could have been achieved. The best scenario is when a person is in the right cycle, (progressions and planetary transits), for what they are initiating and they also initiate at a favorable time, (a good electional chart).
Once again, definitely not. I believe you can make your own future to a certain extent within the limits of whatever planetary cycle you are currently in. The value of having a forecast is so we can exercise more of our free will, become more aware of the meaning of different time periods, and make better choices in the present and future. I try not to give specific outcomes but rather try to convey the meaning of the planetary transit or progression and both the positive and negative sides that are associated with it. What we make of the cycle is our free choice and conscious direction. While we may have no control over certain events that may occur in the outer picture, we do have control over how we perceive things. The beautiful thing is when we change our perception of things, usually the outer picture eventually changes with it.
Usually, you can order your birth certificate which has the exact time on it from the hall of records in the city you were born. Your baby records or mother's memory is a secondary source and is not always accurate. Even the times on birth certificates are sometimes off. My own time was off six minutes from my birth certificate and this can make a huge difference when forecasting. The exact time is very important. If you cannot get the time of your birth, it can be figured out for you by the long and arduous task of rectification. Either myself or someone else can rectify your chart for you.
Yes. Optimum planetary contacts between two charts can make all the difference in the world in terms of compatibility and longevity in the relationship. It is also positive to have some stressful planetary aspects as well, as these can help push each other to grow in the relationship together. The key is to have to right balance of planetary combinations between the right planets.
I wish this were so. The thing to remember is that regardless of where we live, we take ourselves, (the potential of the natal chart), with us. We cannot escape ourselves. Any permanent growth and transformation has to occur within ourselves. However, your chart relocated for different localities does modify for better or worse the potential in the natal chart. For this reason, it makes sense to live in an ideal location. A better locality can make it easier to resolve certain issues and express more of our potential.
Astrology is a very complex subject and takes many years to master. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology and the information age we live in, the learning curve is much faster than it used to be years ago. I still believe that "word of mouth" instruction is the best way to learn. From my teaching experience, I have discovered a way to simplify this complicated subject. The key is making the right kind of associations with the basics. With practice and reading charts over and over again, a whole new world of understanding will be revealed to you and you'll find that your life is enriched in countless ways.
My favorite motto is, "predicting the future is not synonymous with profiting from the prediction!" This is a common question from those with little or no trading experience. Believe it or not, the use of astrological market timing methods can inform you when turning points or trend changes will most likely occur well in advance. When you combine this information with a good trading system your odds of winning will dramatically improve. While forecasting the future certainly doesn't hurt, you cannot profit from such forecasts unless you enter the market at a good price and use good risk management. You need technical and other planetary timing tools that give you precise entry points, stop losses, and profit objectives. When you also begin to attempt trading, you will discover how psychological it really is. It may take someone a number of years just to master the mental skills and discipline necessary to execute trades consistently. Your success in the financial markets depends on the validity of the system you use, (whether you integrate astrological methods or not), your ability to follow your system (discipline), good money management, and most importantly your own astrological cycles for profit or loss!