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Beginner & Intermediate Astrology Lessons or Classes

“Word of mouth” instruction for ages has always been the best way to learn. I first began teaching astrology classes and doing workshops back in 1994. In 1996, I became one of the astrology class instructors with the Aquarius Workshops Astrology School in southern California. The original founders of Aquarius Workshops, Joan McEvers and Marion March, are also the authors of six volumes of books on astrological education. The series of books are called, “The Only Way to Learn Astrology,” and I still use these books in addition to my own workbooks as study guides and recommended reading for all of my students.

Beginner Class – Astrology’s 4 Basics: Signs, Planets, Aspects, Houses

If you’re serious about really learning astrology, it takes at least a few years to begin to master the art of astrological chart synthesis. The learning process, of course, never really ends. There is always something new to learn. The road to self discovery is an exciting and rewarding journey. In my beginning classes, I start from scratch introducing the four basics of astrology, signs, planets, aspects, and houses. I try to lay down a good foundation, from which you can begin to eventually learn other areas of astrology. The beginning series starts for 10 weeks and this is the best starting place to get a real taste of what astrology is about.

Intermediate Class – Ongoing Chart Delineation

My on-going chart delineation on Thursday nights is designed for astrologers that have at least a year of formal study under their belt. I like to sight read astrology charts, just like a musician does when they have to perform something new for the first time. I choose a “mystery chart” that I have a decent amount of biographical data on. I also offer as an option, that students can bring a chart that they would like to have read in class as an example. I just need to know a couple weeks in advance for scheduling. In my delineation class, I focus on uncovering the chart layer by layer, looking for planetary themes that seem to play a similar melody over and over again. I reveal how to identify patterns quickly, take the chart apart, and put it back together to reveal the whole person with greater understanding.

Workshops – Horary, Electional and Financial Astrology

Due to my busy schedule which consists of trading, research and writing projects, and servicing all of my clients’ needs, I have reduced the amount of time that I am able to devote to teaching right now. I do offer private tutoring for serious students on an hourly basis as another option. Please give me a call if you live in the general area or we could arrange a private astrology lesson on the phone or via Skype if you live outside of the local area.

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