Astrology services are available for any specific need or goal you have in mind. My complete list of astrology services are listed below. As the famous quote goes, “the best way to predict the future, is to create it.”  This is if we become more conscious. This is the value of the cosmic language of astrology.  It is to bring to your conscious awareness that which is unconscious.

My own quote and philosophy is “Every planetary cycle has a higher or lower level of expression or experience based on our state of consciousness. If we become more conscious of the true meaning of planetary cycles in our lives, we have the free will to raise our consciousness and experience to its highest level of expression.”

The purpose of astrology is for self empowerment, and to better understand life, ourselves, and others. By becoming more aware and conscious of personal life cycles, we can better navigate our lives and become co-creators of our reality.

I have over two decades of experience practicing astrology full time and cover many different branches of astrology to serve your needs.

T.S. Phillips

New clients may call at (310) 456-8777, pacific time. A complete list of all my astrology services are listed below.

In-Depth Natal Chart Analysis

Increase your Self Awareness and start tapping in to your highest potential through an In-Depth Natal Chart Analysis. Based on your unique time, date and place of birth, this is the key to understanding yourself, innate abilities and talents, major lessons and problem areas, and areas of fulfillment and purpose.

Fee: $150.00 for 1/2 hr. or $300 for 1 hr.

Bi-Annual Forecasting Service

Know Your Most Significant Time Periods of Growth Change, Opportunities, Rewards, Success, and Challenges in advance through my Bi-Annual Forecasting Service. Knowledge of future trends and planetary cycles helps navigate your life in the most positive ways. By being more consciously aware of the meaning of the different time cycles in your life, you can express more of your higher potential. When you have your astrological forecast done by me, it will be one of the most thorough ones you’ve ever had! I take your chart and progress it, then solar arc it, then analyze your outer planet transits including nine aspects to all three charts. I also look at the eclipses and what the important planetary stations are doing. Every forecast is recorded during our appointment and you will receive a recording for your review at no additional charge.

Fee: $150.00 for 1/2 hr. or $300 for 1 hr. Includes my analysis of all your planetary cycles prior to our consultation.

Horary Chart Analysis

Immediate Accurate Answers For All Types of Questions through Horary Chart Analysis. Based on the exact time of inquiry, the horary chart will reveal the nature of your question or problem, important details, and the most probable outcome of the matter. Horary astrology can prevent you from making many wrong decisions and also give you the confirmation you need when you are making the right decisions. It can even be used to find lost objects! Your questions can be basic “yes or no” questions, or what, when or where questions.

Fee: $75 Per Question

Electional Astrology

Increase your Probability of Successful Endeavors through Electional Astrology. The moment you start that special something, the characteristics of the moment in time, the stellar signature, will define the kind of experience you will have. You can initiate the most important events in your life at the best times. You can plan to give success the best possible chance with your wedding vows, starting a business, buying a home or automobile, or any other significant event in your life!

Fee: $150.00 -$600.00 (Based on Type of Event Planned and if a specific time is also calculated)

Compatibility Analysis

Empower your Relationships through Compatibility Analysis. New Insights and a greater understanding of each other’s needs can be gained. Know your strengths and areas of compatibility and understand your differences in a fresh new light. Understand what makes your significant other tick and what types of behavioral patterns can rub each other the wrong way. Know who you are the most compatible with and the types of planetary contacts necessary for fulfilling relationships.

Fee: $150.00 for 1/2 hr. or $300 for 1 hr.

Relocation Analysis

Optimize your Potential by living in your best localities astrologically through a Relocation Analysis. Where we live makes a significant difference in our lives for more reasons than you may be aware of. Understand how your chart changes for different locations and how the potential in your natal chart can best be realized. Whatever your main objective is, relocating your ideal location can help make it happen for you!

Fee: $150.00 for 1/2 hr. or $300 for 1 hr.

On-going Astrology Classes

Learn, Grow, and have Fun with On-Going Astrology Classes. You can participate on a weekly basis if you are in the area. From Beginning to Advanced classes. Workshops are also periodically held on horary, electional, and financial astrology.

Fee: Varies. One on One private tutoring is also available for serious students on the phone or via skype.

Astrology and Trading Software

A necessity for serious astrology students and practitioners. The most advanced astro-trading software is also available. Please inquire about the available programs.

Fee: Varies

Astrology Reports

Computerized Astrology Reports make Great Gifts for yourself and birthdays, holidays and special occasions. They’re inexpensive and very informative. They come bound with a complimentary chart included. Reports are usually 30 – 40 pages.

List includes:

  • Natal Report
  • Optimum Child Report
  • Complete Relationship Report
  • Numerology Report

Fee: *

Financial Astrology. Market Trading and Timing Advisory Services

  • Daily E-mini S & P Timing and Trading Report
  • Daily Gold Timing and Trading Report
  • Daily Crude Oil Timing and Trading Report
  • Weekly Timing and Trading Reports for longer term swing traders. Markets covered include the E-Mini, Gold, Crude Oil, Eur/Usd, or T-Bonds.
  • Active Trader’s Monthly Forecaster (Based on your own birth chart for your most favorable or challenging periods for trading).
  • Stock or Commodity Compatibility Analysis (Determine your personal best stocks or commodities to trade)
  • Astrological and Technical Stock or Commodity Chart Analysis
  • Visit my Trading Services to get started now!

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