Stock Market Outlook, Commodity Market Outlook and Turn Dates Ahead for week of August 14th

Stock Market Outlook and Commodity Market Outlook: A correction in the stock indices is likely to begin this month and we may have already seen an important top at the 2481 – 2487 weekly planetary resistance level indicated for the E-Mini S & P last week. A spike in volatility was also due to begin again around the time of the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th.  More volatility is yet to come. We are fast approaching a major total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. This is going to be very turbulent time in the world and financial markets.

On Saturday, Mercury turns stationary retrograde until Sept. 5th. On Sunday, the Sun trines Saturn. On Tuesday, Venus forms an opposition to Pluto. On Wednesday, the Sun conjuncts the No. Node and Venus squares Jupiter. This week’s most important key reversal days or turning points are likely to be on Monday, Wednesday, and again on Thursday. Expect a turbulent roller coaster ride ahead in the markets.

Commentary for Emini trading: The E-Mini tested the 2432 – 2428 weekly planetary support level at the low last week sent to emini subscribers. This is now key support to break for the next sell signal to lower planetary support levels. Key weekly planetary resistance is now at 2445 – 2451. The E-Mini will remain in a weak position to decline unless price breaks out above 2451 for a new buy signal and advance to higher levels.

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Commentary for Gold trading: Key planetary support for Dec. Gold indicated at 1263 – 1257 held the low and timed an advance to key weekly planetary resistance at 1293 – 1299 at the June 5th top, (“double top”). Gold looks to be on the verge of a major upside break out if price breaks through the important 1299 level. If this is the case, a rally could extend as high as 1365 – 1371 planetary resistance over the coming weeks. Key weekly planetary support this week to hold for the strength to continue is now at 1280 – 1276.

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Commentary for Crude Oil trading: Sept. Crude Oil turned lower from the test at key weekly planetary resistance indicated at 50.10 – 50.70 on last Thursday’s key reversal day. This remains the key level to hold for the bias to remain down. A break out above 50.70 would be needed to change this outlook for a new buy signal. Key weekly planetary support is now at 47.80. A break of 47.80 is the next sell signal down to lower weekly levels.

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Commentary for Eur/Usd: Key weekly planetary resistance remains at 1.1910. This is the next hurdle for a new buy signal to higher levels. Key planetary support remains at 1.1720 – 1680 that held the low last week. The strength and trend higher can continue if price trades above this important support level.

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The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates Ahead: Week of June 23rd

For week of June 23rd: Be prepared for a spike in volatility and unexpected surprises this week. The Summer Solstice is on Saturday as the Sun enters Cancer. Venus enters Gemini on Monday. The most significant cycle is the big Mars/Uranus opposition that peaks on Wednesday morning at 01:25AM, pacific time. This aspect is also associated with an increase in geopolitical tensions and military escalations in the mundane world.  The trend remains up in the S & P.  A break out below the 1945 – 1942 planetary price level for the Sept. E-Mini S & P is now needed to show more weakness for another sell signal.  Good trading to you!

For more information, key levels, and precise daily and intraday market timing signals for the S & P, click here

Commentary on Gold: August Gold was within 1 pt. of the 1323 planetary price target for Thursday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction as indicated in last week’s Gold report. Key planetary support is now at 1298 – 1294 this week. A break out below 1294 is needed to show more weakness for another sell signal. A cardinal cross is showing up in the Gold chart this week. This should produce some very big moves and wild swings in Gold this week.

For more information, key levels, and precise daily and intraday market timing signals for the Gold market, click here

Good trading to you!

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