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Planetary Price Chart of the Month August 2012 (Gold)

The Uranus/Pluto cycle is defining the highs and lows in Gold and is accurate support and resistance. A break out above 1628 would be bullish again for a continuation higher. If you are interested in learning more about trading using planetary support and resistance and time cycles, the only leading indicators that work in the…

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Horary Astrological Charts

“Horary Astrology” has to do with the answering of specific questions such as, “Should I buy this car?” or “Should I go on this trip?” “Is XYZ company a good investment?” “Is Julie pregnant?” “Where are my car keys?” You get the idea. Just about any question can be answered with a high degree of accuracy from a good horary astrologer. A chart is run for the exact moment of your question, and has special rules for its interpretation. This chart not only reveals the nature of your question with specific details but also the probable outcome and other valuable information. This is one of the most useful and practical areas of astrology. Horary astrology can prevent you from making many wrong decisions and can also give you the confirmation you need when you are making the right decisions. Stock or commodity traders and investors, you can also download a free 30 day trial of the ultimate planetary market timing trading program.

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Combining Planetary Tools with the 1st Trade Chart

It’s Friday morning, June 7th, and the stock indices are down once again. This time the trigger is a negative announcement from Intel which lowered its second quarter sales forecast. On the other hand, the data on the economy this week happened to be better than expected. The jobless rate fell to 5.8 % in…