Bitcoin Price Predictions 2020

Bitcoin price predictions 2020. Since Jupiter is officially in Capricorn since Dec. 2nd, 2019 until Dec. 19th, 2020, BTC is likely to have a good year and move back into a bull market.  The precious metal Gold is also likely to have very good year. While no one has a magic crystal ball, I know of something that is probably the “next best thing”. This is a 1st trade chart for when stocks, commodities, or crypto-currencies began trading. The only catch is that you have to be a trained, skilled, and experienced astrologer to read the charts accurately.

According to my records, Bitcoin, BTC, was first introduced on Jan. 3rd, 2009 at 06:15PM, GMT.  NY Gold first began trading on Dec. 31st, 1974 at 08:25AM, Chicago, IL.

What these two markets have in common is that they both have 3 or more planets in Capricorn in their charts. As Jupiter, the planet of expansion, transits Capricorn through Dec. 19th of 2020, it will be forming favorable conjunctions, (0 degrees), to the planets in the charts for Bitcoin and Gold. In most cases, this will be is a bullish transit and cycle. The next most important period for BTC that is  likely to be favorable begins on January 27th – April 13 when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun and sextiles, (60 degrees), Uranus and trines, (120 degrees), Saturn. Jupiter will also form conjunctions other planets in Capricorn in its secondary chart during the same time period. This same Jupiter cycle will repeat again on June 12th and continue into the month of December!  Here is the chart for BTC.  It is a simple biwheel with the current transits on Jan. 7, 2020. Jupiter in Capricorn is circled.

This is an updated daily chart for BTC for January 7 2020 with the important key planetary support and resistance levels. Important planetary support is at 6880 – 6400. The support area has held the lows in November and December of 2019. Key planetary resistance is now at 7530 – 8005. It will be the break out above 8000 that will become more bullish again.

To make the most of opportunities in these markets, is also important to have a road map including the trend analysis, the key turn dates during the week, and the important weekly planetary support and resistance that change based on the harmonics of the planets. These markets will be volatile at times.

In my weekly timing reports sent every Sunday, I include a detailed planetary analysis as well as updates during the week to alert you when the best opportunities and trade set ups are unfolding. You don’t even have to trade the Gold or Bitcoin futures, or Bitcoin at an exchange. There is also the Gold etf, GLD, and Bitcoin etf, GBTC you can trade in any brokerage account.

For a limited time for the new year, when you order either of my Weekly Gold or BTC AstroTimer reports, I will include both reports for the price of one. This is an additional $150 value! You will have the kind of analysis and road map to make the most of opportunities in markets that I believe will have stellar performances in 2020.

Weekly Timing and Trading reports are also available for many other financial  markets and crypto-currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, or EOS by visiting the trading services page.


Best of success,


© 2020, T.S. Phillips, Astro Advisory Services, LLC

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  1. MP
    MP says:

    Hello, how do you see the coming retrogrades (particularly Venus and Mercury) affecting the BTC price? I am bullish/2020 but I am interested in these retrogrades causing a temporary bear market until around July.

    • T.S. Phillips
      T.S. Phillips says:

      Hello. BTC has been trending higher as of this date on May 5th. The week of May 11th is a very important turn period in all markets as Saturn, Venus, Jupiter turn retrograde and Mars enters Pisces. If the trend higher continues next week in BTC, then this may present another set up for a short term high and another pullback to begin again. Let’s see where BTC is next week and the key planetary levels that are reached on the upside or downside. My weekly BTC Astrotimer report and updates will clarify the position of BTC next week and the best strategy to take for this important turn date of the year. Regards, Ted


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