Bitcoin Trading Strategies can dramatically improve your timing and performance trading crypto-currencies based on leading price and time trading signals. This Weekly Astro-Timing Report released on Sunday’s will inform you in advance when and where to anticipate a reversal in price for ideal trading opportunities. When price is trending higher or lower and tests a key weekly planetary support or resistance level on an important key turn date of the week, this creates a very high probability trade set ups to buy or sell and a reversal in price. The risk is defined with stop orders above or below the planetary support or resistance levels where the turn occurred.

Other important trade setups occur when price breaks key weekly planetary levels on key turn dates for important buy or sell signals. When this occurs, it begins to confirm a reversal or trend change to the next key levels of key weekly planetary support or resistance for excellent profit points. You can review any of my weekly market blog’s to see the high degree of accuracy the planetary levels and dates have worked in the past.

Here was my commentary for Bitcoin for week of May 28th, 2018: “Key planetary resistance indicated at 8530 last week was the high within 60 pts. A bearish reversal lower occurred from this important planetary level.  Key planetary resistance is now at 8020 – 8230. A break out above 8230 is now needed to signal a reversal or trend change to higher planetary levels. Key planetary support is now at 7200 – 7055 to hold for a turn around. A break of 7055 would be a new sell signal to lower planetary levels before a low completes.”

Crypto-currencies trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Money never sleeps in this market! As of this writing on June 4th, 2018, the market cap for Crypto-currencies is approximately 340 billion. It is estimated to grow into the trillions of dollars before the cycle reaches maturity. The BIG MONEY has not even entered the Crypto markets yet!

I also cover 4 other of the largest cap crypto-currencies in addition to BTC, (Bitcoin), including ETH, (Ethereum), BCH, (Bitcoin Cash), LTC, (Litecoin), and just added recently EOS.  You may choose weekly timing/trading reports for any of these other crypto’s. The overall crypto market including the majority of the alternate coins usually follow the main trend of the biggest coins.

Here is a planetary price chart and analysis I did for Litecoin. See how well the planetary support/resistance worked. This sort of analysis is performed every week for the other crypto-currencies covered as well as my futures, forex, or commodity market timing reports.

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Bitcoin Trading Strategies can give you the winning trading and timing advantage to make more profits with less stress!