Daily E-Mini Trading Advisory and E-Mini Market Timing Service

Looking for the most effective and accurate trading edge for trading stocks or stock index futures? Tired of using the same lagging technical indicators and moving averages every other trader in the world uses?

My Daily E-Mini Trading Advisory and E-Mini Market Timing Service is based on more than 20 years of research and experience using planetary and fibonacci market timing methods in the field of financial astrology. If you are an experienced trader, this daily information can dramatically improve your trading results and give you the very best possible trading edge!

My daily market timing newsletter alerts you in advance when to anticipate a reversal or intraday tops or bottoms to unfold and at planetary support/resistance levels on key days of the week as well as during the day. For active day traders, you will know the most important key times every day when reversals or turning points are likely to occur at precise planetary support and resistance levels. Visit E-Mini Trading Strategies for more details.

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