Day Trading the Moon Based on Price, Time and The Law of Vibration

Astro day traders use the times when the Moon or the planets form aspects during the day to time intra-day turning points or reversals. One of the strongest of all possible daily trade set-ups occurs when price is at the correct planetary price level at or very close to the time of a planetary aspect. This means that price and time are equal. To simplify the entire process of analysis and use of this technique, you can focus solely on the aspects of the Moon during trading hours. You have to be patient and wait for these ideal trade set-ups to come to you, but when they do occur, it is almost like money lying on the ground in front of you just waiting to be picked up!

The risk factor is always pre-defined by the planetary price level reached or planetary line that triggers the reversal. Profit targets are also predetermined by the planetary price lines and technical tools are always used for entry and stop-loss points once a new trend is established. The time frame I trade using for this timing technique is the 4 minute chart. I use the 4 minute time frame because it is based on the rotation of the earth which moves roughly at the rate of 1 degree every 4 minutes. The reversal times do not always occur precisely at the time of the lunar aspect, but usually within a few 4 minute price bars of the exact time of the aspect.

A perfect trade set-up happens to unfold on Monday, May 17th, 2004, when the Moon forms a trine aspect to the planet Jupiter at 07:03AM, PDT. The May 17th date happens to also be one of the strongest reversal dates of the year as both the planets Venus and Neptune also turned retrograde. I like trading reversals off of the trine aspect because I have observed reversals to be stronger and to occur more often based on this aspect of 120 degrees. One reason why this may be so is because planets also come together on the “Universal Clock” or “Wheel of 24” when an aspect of 120 degrees occurs as 24 times 5 equals 120. Refer to Jeanne Long’s “Universal Clock” book for more information or the “Universal Clock” in the Galactic Trader program.

To prepare to take action, we have to first set up the planetary lines at the correct settings for the lunar aspects to occur. This is part of the homework we must do before the market opens every day. The live planetary time clock in Galactic Trader indicates the precise times when lunar and planetary aspects occur during each day. For example, on May 17th, the Moon trine Jupiter aspect occurs at 07:03AM, PDT and the Moon sextile Saturn aspect occurs at 09:44AM, PDT (see live planetary time clock on price chart). Since the planets Jupiter and Saturn are also sextile (60 degrees) each other, (this aspect became exact on May 1st), the planetary lines set at the 60 setting for the 6th harmonic, sextile aspect for the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn is the correct and best setting for these lunar aspects on May 17th. These planetary lines will be very close together on this day with the Moon exactly crossing the Jupiter and Saturn lines at the time of the aspect. The planetary price levels based on these planetary harmonics on this day for the June E-Mini S & P are at 1078, 1084 and 1090. Notice these levels are all at 6 pt. increments based on the aspect of 60 degrees.

The perfect trade set up unfolds when price, trending lower, hits the 1078 price target, (one tick away at 1078.25), within five minutes of the exact time of the Moon trine Jupiter aspect! On the chart example the bar is colored at the time of the Moon/Jupiter aspect. Since price is at the correct price level almost at the precise time of the aspect, this triggers a reversal back up based on price equaling time. The technical tool I am using in this example to enter the trade is from the Fibonacci Trader program or the combo Fibonacci/Galactic Trader and is called the “flip it.”

The entry point and buy order should be placed at about 1081, when price breaks above this technical indicator. The initial stop loss placement is just below the 1078 planetary lines. I like to give it a few ticks below the planetary line before I am taken out of the trade with a small loss. So if the stop loss is at 1077 and entry point is at 1081, the initial risk on this ideal trade set up is 4 pts. or $200 per contract.

What is the profit target? That would be at 1090 or 9 pts. above the entry point at 1081 and 12 pts. above 1078, the planetary price level that triggered the reversal. What about 1084? Isn’t that also a profit point too? Yes and No. This could be in initial target to take some contracts off the table for a quick profit; however, the probabilities are more likely that the 1090 level will be reached on this day. This has to do with the “law of vibration” as Gann used to refer to it. Since the reversal was based on the trine aspect of 120 degrees, then the vibration of 12 becomes active. The number 12 corresponds to the aspect of 120 if you divide this number by 10. What was the high for the day? 1089.25. This was just three ticks away from this number. Close enough for detective work!

However, price did not hit the 1090 target without first pulling back during the day. So if you were using this “flip it” indicator as your trailing stop, you may have got stopped out at about 1083 with a 2 pt. profit. If this was the case using the same technical indicator, you would have then re-entered the trade at about 1085 when price broke back above the “flip it” indicator and exited the trade once price approached the 1090 profit target.

Since the May 17th date was also a key, potential longer term reversal day based on the planets Venus and Neptune both turning retrograde, another trade strategy would also be to take a position trade on some contracts based on the same 1081 entry point and 1077 initial stop loss point. Longer term this would have paid off big time. As of this writing on June 14th, the E-Mini made a high on June 9th at 1143. Price never traded lower than 1078.25 since the May 17th date. The time for the low triggered at 07:03AM, PDT when the Moon formed the trine aspect to Jupiter at the correct planetary price level.

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