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I had my most effortless and profitable day in quite some time!

“Today was my first day applying your analysis from your Daily E-Mini Report. By using your emini trading strategies and timing guide in conjunction with a new system I’ve been trying out, I had my most effortless and profitable day in quite some time. Thank you for putting this information in trader’s hands.”

H.T., Baldwin, NY

Emini Trading Strategies

My Emini trading strategies are most effective for a more precise and accurate approach for trading the eminis or stock indices. Tired of using the same lagging technical indicators every other trader in the world attempts to use to get a trading edge? Put time on your side and know in advance when and where the eminis are due to turn each and every day. Know in advance the strongest turn dates of the week, month, and year for the stock indices and the most important planetary price levels where longer term tops and bottoms are likely to unfold. For intraday trading, know in advance the daily planetary price levels and key times every day for top/bottoms and reversals. You may also watch my most recent youtube from 07/23/2015, Emini Trading Strategies using planetary timing signals.”

The emini S & P is one of the best and most liquid markets to trade for experienced traders that offer low margins and leverage. Instead of picking an individual stock, you can trade the direction of the overall market. Unlike stocks, you can go long or short the futures without the restrictions. To trade the eminis, you must have precise price points for entry, stop loss placement, and profit objectives for the very best emini trading strategies. The planetary support and resistance levels are more accurate than traditional support and resistance and define the your risk per trade of usually no more than 2 pts. per contract.  When price and time come together during the day, this is when the big winners and trend changes usually occur. All it takes is that you pay attention to the key levels and key times sent to you everyday and watch the level of accuracy as the trades unfold. You must have trading experience, use a good entry method, and be disciplined enough to take profits when your are supposed, and on occasions, cut losses quickly and predetemined levels.
The main issue with using simple technical support and resistance levels, moving averages, trend lines, etc. is that they often work in hindsight. When time is up, support or resistance levels will be broken. Important levels in the past are irrelevant when cycles change.  Support or resistance levels based on the actual positions of the planets and price harmonics of the planets is far more accurate. You will discover this for yourself. However, planetary support or resistance levels are used not to time the markets, but only to “confirm” a top or bottom is probably unfolding, and for risk management and profit objectives. My EMini trading advisory and EMini trading strategies for the most accurate intraday emini trading and market timing, is based on more than 15 years of research and experience using planetary market timing methods in the field of financial astrology. Some of the many methods I use in my daily market timing service, Daily EMini Astro-Report™, for emini trading include transits to 1st trade horoscopes for the stock indices to make my daily and weekly forecasts, and the use of planetary price harmonics. The positions of the planets and the angles the planets form to one another (aspects) is the timing factor. The planetary positions and angles are then converted into their respective price equivalents. When price and time are equal, price reverses like clockwork. This is the concept W.D. Gann wrote about in all of his courses. I am using the same concept but in a different way. The strongest trade set ups for intraday trading occur when price reaches a key planetary support or resistance level at one of the key times listed. You may just be amazed how accurately this times the major trend changes during the day!  This is the only practical way financial astrology really works to effectively time the markets.

I was in the e-mini at 1207 today and got out at 1212.75…

I was in the e-mini at 1207 today and got out at 1212.75. Thanks so much for this great service!

L.W., Binghamton, NY

What Traders Say T.S. Phillips' Daily E-Mini

L.W., Binghamton, NY

I was in the e-mini at 1207 today and got out at 1212.75. Thanks so much for this great service!

My daily market timing newsletter and emini trading strategies alerts you in advance when to anticipate a reversal and at the correct corresponding price levels. Once a correct planetary high or low is confirmed, you are always alerted so you know which side of the market to trade on. The daily intraday trading strategies for emini trading will dramatically put the odds more in your favor when combined with your other technical tools for entry and exit points. Most subscribers to my emini trading advisory are professional traders and some manage large hedge funds. The majority of all my subscribers renew every month. If you are looking to dramatically improve your timing and get the winning trading edge, then my Daily EMini Astro-Report™ for intraday trading is what you have been searching for. Your Daily Emini Astro-Report™ can be used to help you better time or trade other stock index futures, including the emini, russell 2000, emini nasdaq, or Dow mini contracts, and stocks too. When time is up, all of the stock indices will turn at the same time.

Time is always the most important factor to keep in mind when trading in any time frame, especially intraday. To experience how accurate the key times alone work in real time, I have even created a “Daily AstroTimer™” that alerts you of the same key times included in my daily reports in real time. These times are converted to your time zone anywhere in the world you are trading and work in all markets as long as there is liquidity and volume. You can read more about it including what W.D. Gann wrote about Time and a completely risk free two week trial at my “Intraday Trading Formula.”

This very specialized daily emini trading advisory for effective emini trading strategies is based on my own proprietary astro-timing methods and research in the field of financial astrology and  includes:

  • Market forecast based on planetary timing tools and trend analysis based on swings and multiple time frames.
  • Key reversal days of the week and key reversal times and turning points during market hours.
  • Key support and resistance price levels based on daily planetary price harmonics.

Since I started my daily market timing services in 2001, they have continued to be enhanced with additional features for the most effective emini trading strategies. The accuracy level continues to increase based on additional timing tools and discoveries made in the field of financial astrology. Included is a weekly overview, key reversal days, and forecast for the entire week in advance every Monday. I have expanded the key time periods during the day to approximately 30 on most days including the pre-market hours from 8:00 – 09:30AM, eastern. With a high degree of accuracy, the key times I indicate during the day are when tops or bottoms unfold or trigger intraday reversals or break outs. When price reaches one of the key planetary price levels I indicate at one of the key times indicated, this very frequently triggers intraday reversals.  These key times are based on proprietary astro-timing methods and alone are worth many times more than your monthly subscription rate. My goal is to help the smaller, individual traders have greater success against the competition. My intraday trading strategies and daily market timing advisory for emini is limited to 100 subscribers. Once these slots are filled, your name will be put on a waiting list. Get started now with my special offer listed down below!

It’s incredibly exciting to watch these key times work!

“It’s incredibly exciting to watch these key times work. I trade the E-Mini mostly, but will trade Crude and Gold. The price support/resistance levels you provide for the E-Mini are just as amazing. Your daily reports have improved my trading results dramatically.”

C.B., Maple Grove, MN

What Traders Say T.S. Phillips' Daily E-Mini

C.B., Maple Grove, MN

“It’s incredibly exciting to watch these key times work. I trade the E-Mini mostly, but will trade Crude and Gold. The price support/resistance levels you provide for the E-Mini are just as amazing. Your daily reports have improved my trading results dramatically.”



Frequently Asked Questions

I usually do my analysis after the market closes each day and your daily report is usually sent in the afternoon or evenings by 08:00PM, pacific time. If on some occasions you do not receive your report by the evening, it should always be sent to you at least an hour before the opening bell. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call me.
I recommend always trading the markets, not a forecast. It is crucial that you have a technical system that defines your risk per trade, entry and exit points. Your technical tools will always confirm whether or not a daily bias is likely to be on target. Always use stop losses and risk only a certain percentage of capital per trade. My forecasting service will give you a powerful edge, increase your probabilities and percentages of winning trades, and can greatly improve your results. Your part is to manage the risk, use stops, take profits at targets, use trailing stops once a trend is established, and have good technical tools that confirm the daily bias, key reversal days and times of the day. My daily market timing service is for experienced, professional traders that are seeking to greatly enhance their trading results and puts the odds more dramatically in their favor for a change.
I use a combination of many different techniques. What I do is an art as much as a science. I have well over a decade of hard work, research, and experience using these planetary market timing techniques. Technically speaking, I am always aware of the trend of the market in multiple time frames, monthly, weekly, daily, and 15 minute. The greater, slower time frames define the trend for the lower, faster time frames. The fastest time frame I use for my daily forecasts is the 15 minute bar chart. I also analyze the planetary transits to the 1st Trade chart for the stock indices or individual stock or commodity charts. This information is very revealing for predetermining important turning points. The most accurate technique I use for timing is based on “planetary price harmonics.” I convert the planets longitude into its price equivalent and add price multiples based on the aspects or angles formed by the planets. This is one of the secret methods W.D. Gann used. For example, if the longitude of the Sun is at 24 degrees of Aries and it is forming a sextile (60 degree) aspect to the planet Saturn, the price conversion of the Sun is $24 + $60 (for the 60 degree aspect) = $84. If you keep adding these multiples of 60, you get 864 for the E-Mini. My software automatically makes these price conversions. When price forms a “correct” high or low at the planetary price harmonic at the time of the planetary aspect, reversals usually occur. The reversal days and times during the day are most likely to occur when planets form aspects (angles) to one another or when planets change signs or hit important degrees of the zodiac. The daily planetary support and resistance numbers I include are based on the changing daily planetary positions and aspects that are formed.
The key reversal days, the daily planetary support and resistance levels, and key times have a high probability and should be combined with your technical indicators for entry and exit points. The key times or planetary price levels when reached usually cause important turning points during each day. The strongest trade setups occur when price and time come together. This is one of my greatest discoveries for intraday timing used in my daily e-mini s & p market timing service. When price is at one of my calculated planetary support or resistance levels at one of my calculated key times as well, this very often triggers a significant reversal or change in trend during the day! If you get a buy or sell signal using one of your technical indicators and this also occurs at one of my key times or off a daily planetary support or resistance level, it usually is the “real deal” and a good trade opportunity as well. This is what puts the odds more in your favor than using only traditional technical analysis.