Financial Astrology Market Outlook for Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Crypto and Turn Dates Ahead for week of July 13th

Financial Astrology Market Outlook and turn dates for all markets: On Sunday, the 12th, the Sun trines Neptune and Mercury turns stationary direct, ending its retrograde cycle. On Tuesday, the Sun opposes Jupiter. On Wednesday after the close, the Sun opposes Pluto.  On Thursday, retrograde Saturn is inconjunct the No. Node. This week’s key reversal days or turning points are likely to be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
Geometric translation of the major planetary aspects: Conjunction = 0 degrees; Sextile = 60 degrees; Square = 90 degrees; Trine = 120 degrees; Quincunx or Inconjunct = 150 degrees; Opposition = 180 degrees.
Terms and definitions: A “key reversal day” is when it is probable for at least a short term reversal of the trend if price is trending higher and tests important planetary resistance or is trending lower and tests important planetary support. If price is consolidating in a range leading into a “key reversal day” or “turning point”, it may bring a continuation of the existing trend if price breaks out of important planetary price levels. When key planetary levels are broken this begins to confirm the direction. Price usually moves to at least the next levels of planetary support or resistance for profit points.
Weekly market timing/trading reports for covered markets and swing trading in the daily time frame include important updates as needed when the best trade set ups and opportunities are unfolding during the week!

Commentary for Emini trading: The trend higher continues. Key planetary resistance to break for the next buy signal and continuation of the trend higher is now at 3172 – 3180. Key planetary support is now at 3127 – 3111. A break of this level is needed to signal another pullback.

Visit Emini trading strategies, my Daily E-Mini Astro-Report™, for precise intraday trading strategies for Emini trading based on leading indicators including key daily planetary support/resistance levels and trading times. May also be used for trading stocks or other stock index futures. Weekly reports are also available for swing traders or longer term traders.

Commentary for Gold trading: A pullback began on Friday. Key planetary resistance to hold for further downside this week is now at 1825 – 1829 at last week’s high. Key planetary support to break to signal a pullback is now at 1793 – 1789.

Visit my daily Gold trading strategy,  Daily Gold Astro-Timer™, for more the information on very high probability gold trading strategies, key planetary support/resistance levels, key times for trading, and precise daily and intraday trading signals for trading the Gold futures market or Gold etf’s. Weekly reports are also available for swing traders or longer term traders.

Commentary for Crude Oil trading: The high completed on last Wednesday’s key day and Mercury/Mars square. Key planetary resistance for August Crude Oil is now at 39.50 – 39.70 to break to signal a rebound again. Key planetary support to break for the next sell signal is now at 38.90.

Visit my  Crude Oil trading signals, Daily Crude Oil Astro-Timer™, for trading strategies that lead the market and inform you in advance when important reversals or trend changes are about to occur and the daily planetary support/resistance levels for intraday Crude Oil trading. Weekly reports are also available for swing traders or longer term traders.

Commentary for Eur/Usd: Key planetary support is now at 1.1230 – 1220 to break to signal a pullback. Key planetary resistance is now at 1.1330 – 1350 to break for a new buy signal and advance to higher levels.

Commentary for T-Bonds: The trend remains up. Key planetary resistance to break for the new buy signal is now at 180-22 – 181-03. Key planetary support to hold for the advance to continue is now at 179-10 – 178-27.

Commentary for BTC (Bitcoin): BTC continued to trade in a range last week. Key planetary support to break for a new sell signal remains at 9090 – 8900. Key planetary resistance is now at 9500 – 9690 t0 break for a new buy signal to higher levels.

I am also offering weekly reports for XRP, (Ripple), LTC, (Litecoin), ETH, (Etherium), or EOS.

Daily or Weekly trading and market timing reports are available to give you the ultimate timing advantage if you are an experienced and skilled trader.  These reports include daily or weekly planetary support/resistance levels and planetary times for intraday tops/bottoms and reversals if you actively trade during the day.

If you trade part time or longer term swing trade, the weekly reports and updates are more suited for you to better time the pivots highs or lows during the week for reversals.

If you actively trade everyday, the daily reports are the best option and include updated planetary support/resistance, my daily commentary and forecast, and proprietary key times for the most important turning points of the day when the best trading opportunities are likely to unfold.


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