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Financial astrology is the branch of astrology used to forecast time cycles, short term and longer term, in stocks or commodities, and in the economy. Stock market astrology and commodity market astrology is used to inform you when important trend changes are likely to occur in stocks or commodities as well as the corresponding price levels. This is the very best high probability trading strategy and approach to get a trading and timing edge compared to using only fundamental or technical analysis. Every weekend I post the key turn dates of the week and key weekly planetary levels for trading the emini, gold, crude oil, eur/usd, T-Bonds, and Bitcoin at my homepage, Financial astrology market outlook and turn dates ahead.

An updated weekly planetary price chart for the E-Mini S & P is posted for April, 2021.  VIEW IT HERE.

The issue with “fundamental analysis” is it does not work in timing the market. If you are a long term investor, and are fortunate to live long enough, then this approach can eventually pay off for you!  However, in today’s markets and algorithms, fundamentals don’t mean a thing when the big money and interests want the markets go up or down.  Markets move up or down, short term and longer term, based on time cycles. These cycles can be worked out in the daily, weekly, or monthly time frames, or for day trading, as fast as the 4-5 minute time frame.

For example, a longer term 20 year cycle will complete in the year 2020 when Jupiter forms a conjunction to Saturn around the time of the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st, 2020. Since the trend has been up for many years, this is likely to bring in the beginning of a new bear market in the stock indices. Another Saturn/Uranus synodic cycle will also occur in February of 2021 when Saturn in Aquarius makes a waning square, (90 degrees), to Uranus in Taurus. This same Saturn/Uranus square aspect, last occurred in Spring of 2000 when Saturn was in Taurus forming a waxing square to Uranus in Aquarius when the tech and dot com bubble burst and Nasdaq crashed!

The problem with using traditional “technical analysis” is the indicators “lag” the markets. By the time you get a buy or sell signal it is often too late and the market can turn on you. Buying or selling off of technical support or resistance levels, moving averages, etc. that every other trader in the world uses, can be hit and miss as well.  While the best use of technicals and divergences can give you more of a trading and timing edge, there is much better way to more accurately and consistently time the market. This is why  the use of “planetary support and resistance” levels in financial astrology based on the actual positions and harmonics of the planets is of much more value than using traditional support and resistance calculations, trend lines, or moving averages. You can see for yourself by looking at all the planetary price charts I have posted at my site illustrating how tops and bottoms unfold and reversals occur at these key levels on key turn dates to create trade opportunities for the short term or longer term time frames.

One of the most effective techniques in financial astrology for calculating the right support or resistance levels at any point in time is based on “planetary price harmonics.” For example, I convert the planets longitude into its price equivalent and add price multiples based on the aspects or angles formed by the planets. This is one of the private methods the legendary trader and financial astrologer, W.D. Gann used. For example, if the longitude of the Sun is at 24 degrees of Aries and it is forming a trine (120 degree) aspect to the planet Jupiter, the price conversion of the Sun is $24 + $120 (for the 120 degree aspect) = $144. You may also Visit, Financial Astrology Software for more information on my two day past workshops on planetary timing methods using the Galactic Trader software program.

Here is a weekly planetary price chart example for Bitcoin, BTC, identifying another probable low at important support in the 3000’s. BTC has almost reached 20,000 again in November of 2020.

My planetary price alert service and daily or weekly timing reports are based on my analysis of any stock or commodity you trade using planetary price harmonics and key time frames, often to the day, for short term and longer term reversals and trend changes. From my years of experience, there is no other methods more effective for picking tops or bottoms in the market with a high degree of accuracy. Since the planets are always moving at different speeds based on their distance from the Sun, they form different angles or aspects to one another. As these aspects change, the price harmonics change. This is why what worked in the past, does not necessarily work in the future. This is one of the biggest pitfalls in back testing trading systems. When I set up planetary price charts to determine what is most effective, it is always adjusted and changed based on planetary cycles.

I have personally seen one of the original hand drawn charts of financial astrologer W.D. Gann showing the longitude of planets on his Soybean chart to determine the correct price levels, support/resistance for a trend change when one of his time cycles was up. This is one of the biggest keys to his success and he was doing this before the computer age. His forecasts were based on planetary cycles and financial astrology.

His master time cycles he made reference to in his courses were all based on different synodic planetary cycles. For example, the 20 year cycle, is based on the the Jupiter/Saturn synodic cycle. His fixed time cycles during the calendar year, which he also referred to as a “permanent cycle” that does not change are based on the seasons, the Ecliptic, and dividing each season in half. These are time periods every year when important tops or bottoms usually unfold and to be alert for a trend change. These dates are when the Sun is at 00 degrees in the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, defining the beginning of each season, and the midpoint between each season when the Sun is at 15 degrees fixed or at 15 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Many new traders or investors, including the general public have many misconceptions about what financial astrology is or  is not.  Financial astrologers don’t have a magic crystal ball into the future!  Even the legendary W.D. Gann, if he were resurrected from the dead, couldn’t tell you well in advance what the exact price of Gold or the S & P will be on Dec. 21st, 2017 at 10:14AM! No one is capable of doing this.  What market astrology can do for you is give you the very best leading indicator for when the probabilities are the highest for an important trend change to occur, often to the exact day.  Once the time factor is determined, price is of secondary in importance, and only used to confirm the correct levels based on the positions of the planets for a top or bottom unfolding. Financial astrology must also be combined with some sort of trend analysis of the price chart, including precise price points, to be of any practical value to a trader or investor. Essential trading skills, habits, experience, discipline, and good risk management are equally important.

Another well known, famous astrologer was Evangeline Adams, born in 1868.  In her book, “The Bowl of Heaven” on page 107 she writes about her dealings with billionaire financier, J.P. Morgan. “But I do know about the late J.P. Morgan’s belief in astrology, because—well I taught it to him. I read his horoscope many times and furnished him during the last years of his life a regular service, explaining the changing position of the planets and their probable effect on politics, business, and the stock market. No further proof of his interest in the science is required beyond the fact that he renewed this service from year to year.”

This branch of financial astrology has many other applications. It can used to forecast economic trends based on the longer term, outer planet synodic cycles as well as for stocks or commodities. For example, there is a longer term planetary cycle in play for stocks and commodities that does not complete until around the year 2020 when the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs in the sign of Capricorn.

Financial astrology can also help businesses plan for the future and to know when the cycles for expansion or contraction are likely to occur. This can help you make wiser investment timing decisions.  A chart is run and analyzed based on when the company was incorporated or when they opened their door for business.

One simple technique used in market astrology to help traders and investors involves the transits of Jupiter and Saturn. For example, when Jupiter is making positive aspects such as the conjunction, sextile, or trine, to planets in the chart for when a stock or commodity began trading, this usually brings an increase in the share price or price of the commodity. On the other hand, transits of Saturn usually have the opposite effect. When Saturn forms hard aspects such as the conjunction, square, or opposition, it usually bring a contraction or lower share prices or the price of the commodity.

Another area in this field of astrology, has to do with astrological chart compatibility. You may be familiar with astrology compatibility when it come to personal or business relationships, but how about with an individual stock or commodity itself!  You see, the date and time an individual stock or commodity first began trading is its own birth chart.  Your relationship with specific stocks or commodities is not any different than your relationship with people. Except, instead of talking back at you, they will end up rewarding you financially or costing you a lot!

Almost every trader has had personal experience trading different stocks or commodities. Some they tend to have more of a connection to, and others they feel more at odds with. Don’t get me wrong, with an excellent timing system, discipline, and the right skills, a trader can be profitable trading any stock or commodity. However, they will usually outperform or underperform what they are capable of depending on their own personal chart synastry with the individual stock or commodity.  For example, Jupiter in a 1st trade chart forming a conjunction to the Sun or Venus in a traders 2nd house will have much more profit potential than trading a stock or commodity that has Saturn square the traders Sun or Venus in the 2nd house.

Another very useful application of astrology in the financial markets also has to do with a trader or investor’s own personal cycles for profit or loss. Let’s face it, it hard to win in the markets if you are essentially betting against your own chart!  How many times have the very best trade set ups in the world not panned out like you liked them to?  You may even pick the exact top or bottom in a market and not profit much from this because the trade didn’t not go anywhere or a consolidation began right after you picked the exact high or low.  What about break outs on increased volume that suddenly fizzle after you placed your order and you have to exit the trade with a small loss. These sorts of things are common when you are trading during a challenging or stressful transits on a particular day or time of the day for intraday trading. On the other hand, there are good trade setups that you enter and they almost immediately move in your favor and turn out to be big winners. Under favorable planetary transits involving the right planets and house rulerships, this happens more often. Trading in accord with your own personal cycles is a way of “trading smarter not harder!” Here are more details on astrology services to help you succeed. Also visit astrology chart readings for more details on all of the different types of astrology charts I can provide to help you reach your goals or solve important issues!

In terms of market timing and intraday trading strategies, financial astrology can provide you with a tremendous trading edge to be used to alert you in advance when an important trend change is likely to occur and the correct planetary price levels during the day for any market you may trade. If you know the most important key “astro-times” everyday, you will have the very best leading indicator, better than any lagging technical indicator ever devised, to improve your intraday trading performance and market timing.

In summary, there are many different applications of financial astrology in your daily affairs. These include knowing your own most favorable or challenging periods for making profits and opportunities; Discovering where the money is and the wealth potential in your own birth chart; Compatibility with individual stocks, cryptos, or commodity markets; Forecasting and timing services for swing trading or day trading in the faster time frames.

Visit trading services for a complete list of all of my high probability market timing services and intraday trading strategies and other financial astrology services including daily trading advisories for emini S & P or Nasdaq for the stock market, Gold, Crude Oil. Weekly timing reports for swing trading are available for the E-Mini S & P or Nasdaq, Gold, Crude Oil, Eur/Usd, T-Bonds, and Crypto-Currencies. You can also read more about my over two decades of experience, training, and skills, to better assist you at Financial Astrologer.

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