Forex trading strategy for intraday trading the Eur/Usd based on leading price and time signals. This a specialized daily forex trading market timing advisory for intraday trading the Eur/Usd is for experienced forex traders based on my proprietary planetary price and time indicators. You receive daily planetary support and resistance levels and planetary times for important turning points or reversals for the EUR/USD. You wait for planetary price and time to come together using a 4 or 5 minute time frame to buy or sell. The general guidelines for this forex trading strategy is: If price is trending lower and reaches a key planetary support level, you enter the trade using an “entry technique,” buying within a few minutes of my key times listed. If price is trending higher, you would be looking to sell. If price is in a trading range, you can buy or sell the break out of the range if it occurs at a key planetary time period. Your risk per trade is pre-defined by the support or resistance level where the market turned at the key time. This approach for forex market timing and forex trading strategy will greatly increase your probabilities and number of winning trades better than using the same lagging technical indicators that every other trader in the world uses. Put time on your side and get a very unique trading edge!

The key planetary support and resistance levels are sent to you for the EUR/USD including the key reversal days of the week and key reversal times and turning points during the “power hours of 8AM – 12PM, eastern time when both the London and New York exchanges are open. The monthly rate for this specialized daily forex market timing service and forex trading strategy sent via e-mail every trading day is $299/mo.

Here is a recent testimonial from one of the professional traders using my daily forex service.

“I have been trading for the better part of 12.5 years. Within that time I have read numerous book, reports and lectures, back tested quantum’s, and still lacked that little bit that put you in the small percentage that places you in the front of the pack. Ted’s method of price and time is one that cannot be duplicated and one of true value in this market. It allows a trader confidence in his position when coupled with a technical analysis and entry/exit method that I have yet to find or experience until now. My opinion is built around real-time experience as a professional trader and equity curve analysis. That is why I can say that taking a different path, incorporating time as the paramount trigger, gave me the edge to increase my equity curve on a consistent basis that I have never seen before.”

Shane F., Former floor clerk/trader, Lubbock, TX



Dear John:

Weekly Overview: Monday is a banking holiday for the forex markets. Key weekly planetary resistance is now at 1.1096 this week. A break out above 1.1096 is needed for a new buy signal to higher levels. Key weekly planetary support is now 1.1000 – 0960. A break of 1.0960 is another sell signal for a move to lower levels. The 1.0870 weekly planetary support level is likely to be strong if tested for another turn around higher this week. Another bottom and/or turn around up is likely to begin again this week.

The trend is down in the monthly time frame. The trend is up in the weekly time frame. The trend began to turn down in the daily time for the Eur/Usd.

This week’s key planetary resistance levels for the Eur/Usd are: 1.1096*, 1.1230, 1.1320 – 1360, 1.1448.

This week’s key planetary support levels for the Eur/Usd are now: 1.1000 – 0960*, 1.0870, 1.0820 – 0780, 1.0730.

(These support numbers become resistance and resistance numbers become support if broken.)

Key reversal days or turning points: Tuesday/Wednesday; Friday.

Wednesday’s commentary and outlook: The Eur/Usd reached the strong 0870 weekly level on Tuesday’s downturn and is consolidating above this key level. This is key support to hold today for a turn up again. Key planetary resistance is now at 0910 – 0920. A break out above 0920 is needed to confirm a low may have completed and to show more strength for a new buy signal.

The planetary resistance numbers on Wednesday for the EUR/USD are likely to be within a few pips of these key levels: 0910 – 0920*, 0936, 0960 – 1000 (strong), 1024, 1042 – 1056, 1096 (strong).

The planetary support numbers for Wednesday for the EUR/USD are likely to be within a few pips of these key levels: 0870* (retest), 0844, 0820 – 0780 (strong), 0756, 0730 (strong).

(I have left the “1” out at the beginning of the numbers for convenience. For example, 1.1175 is 1175)

(I have included approximately a 350 pip range of S/R levels from the highest to the lowest).

These support numbers become resistance and resistance numbers become support if broken.)

The strongest trade setups occur when price is at one of the daily planetary support or resistance levels at one of the key times indicated during the day.

The most important key times on Wednesday to watch for reversals, (if price is trending higher or lower and reaches a planetary support or resistance level), or break-outs, (if price is in a trading range), are usually at or within a few minutes of these times listed below.

Some times are listed as “strong” or “very strong” in terms of planetary energy. However, any key time may trigger a significant reversal or change in trend when “price and time” come together during the day. All times listed are in eastern time.

Today’s key “astro-times” for trading are: 08:19AM, 08:32, 08:41 (strong), 09:05, 09:17, 09:34 (strong), 09:48 – 09:54, 10:11, 10:26, 10:48 – 10:53, 11:09, 11:32 (strong), 11:50, 12:06 – 12:10PM.

Daily key times are listed for the “power hours” for forex trading from 8:00AM – 12PM, eastern time when both the London and New York exchanges are open at the same time.

For these key times and additional times with real time alerts converted to your time zone, you may also visit, for a free two week trial.

Good trading to you,


T. S. Phillips
Astro Advisory Services, Inc.

Disclaimer and Nondisclosure: This e-mail is confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. This report is for informational purposes only. T.S. Phillips and Astro Advisory Services, Inc. are not rendering any trading advice. Past forecasting accuracy is not indicative of future forecasting results or trading profits. This report contains information and trade secrets based on the research of T.S. Phillips. All the information you receive is not be reproduced in any way whatsoever or disclosed to any third party. The purpose of this report is to inform and report, not to mislead. It is for your own personal use only. Therefore, you are responsible for your own activities in the stock, forex, or commodity markets. Any such activity is solely your own responsibility if you choose to be active in the markets and you realize that trading involves high risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I usually do my analysis after the market closes each day and your daily report is usually sent in the afternoon or evenings by 08:00PM, pacific time. If on some occasions you do not receive your report by the evening, it should always be sent to you at least an hour before the opening bell. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call me.
I recommend always trading the markets, not a forecast. It is crucial that you have a technical system that defines your risk per trade, entry and exit points. Your technical tools will always confirm whether or not a daily bias is likely to be on target. Always use stop losses and risk only a certain percentage of capital per trade. My forecasting service will give you a powerful edge, increase your probabilities and percentages of winning trades, and can greatly improve your results. Your part is to manage the risk, use stops, take profits at targets, use trailing stops once a trend is established, and have good technical tools that confirm the daily bias, key reversal days and times of the day. My daily market timing service is for experienced, professional traders that are seeking to greatly enhance their trading results and puts the odds more dramatically in their favor for a change.
I use a combination of many different techniques. What I do is an art as much as a science. I have well over a decade of hard work, research, and experience using these planetary market timing techniques. Technically speaking, I am always aware of the trend of the market in multiple time frames, monthly, weekly, daily, and 15 minute. The greater, slower time frames define the trend for the lower, faster time frames. The fastest time frame I use for my daily forecasts is the 15 minute bar chart. I also analyze the planetary transits to the 1st Trade chart for the stock indices or individual stock or commodity charts. This information is very revealing for predetermining important turning points. The most accurate technique I use for timing is based on “planetary price harmonics.” I convert the planets longitude into its price equivalent and add price multiples based on the aspects or angles formed by the planets. This is one of the secret methods W.D. Gann used. For example, if the longitude of the Sun is at 24 degrees of Aries and it is forming a sextile (60 degree) aspect to the planet Saturn, the price conversion of the Sun is $24 + $60 (for the 60 degree aspect) = $84. If you keep adding these multiples of 60, you get 864 for the E-Mini. My software automatically makes these price conversions. When price forms a “correct” high or low at the planetary price harmonic at the time of the planetary aspect, reversals usually occur. The reversal days and times during the day are most likely to occur when planets form aspects (angles) to one another or when planets change signs or hit important degrees of the zodiac. The daily planetary support and resistance numbers I include are based on the changing daily planetary positions and aspects that are formed.
The key reversal days, the daily planetary support and resistance levels, and key times have a high probability and should be combined with your technical indicators for entry and exit points. The key times or planetary price levels when reached usually cause important turning points during each day. The strongest trade setups occur when price and time come together. This is one of my greatest discoveries for intraday timing used in my daily e-mini s & p market timing service. When price is at one of my calculated planetary support or resistance levels at one of my calculated key times as well, this very often triggers a significant reversal or change in trend during the day! If you get a buy or sell signal using one of your technical indicators and this also occurs at one of my key times or off a daily planetary support or resistance level, it usually is the “real deal” and a good trade opportunity as well. This is what puts the odds more in your favor than using only traditional technical analysis.