Mercurial May in the Markets; April in Review

April in review: April’s bearish planetary aspects resulted in roughly a 7% decline in the Nasdaq and 4.5% decline in the S & P. The technology sector made the biggest downturn. Individual tech and bio-tech stocks were the hardest hit compared to the overall indices. Expectations are for the technology sector, (ruled by Uranus), to lead the way lower in the overall market during the Spring/Summer season.

The decline began on April 3rd and culminated on the April 15 total lunar eclipse as expected and forecast in my daily and weekly updates. The great “cardinal cross,” the very rare planetary configuration with Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto all at 13 degrees in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn definitely had a strong effect in the mundane world, exacerbated the tensions in the Ukraine, brought extreme weather conditions, and other calamities. Since the stock markets’ decline occurred ahead of the configuration during the week of April 21st, and culminated on the total lunar eclipse at the correct planetary price level and support level for the “cardinal cross” (See planetary price chart for June NQ, Nasdaq 100 index futures), this was a set up for a rebound after April 15th. Fortunately, the saving grace during the month of April or the P.P.T. (plunge protection team), lol, were positive trines involving Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio.

There is another “energy shift” now in May since Venus entered Aries on Friday, May 2nd. This points to another strong confrontation between opposing forces in the world, as Venus in Aries forms an opposition to Mars in Libra on May 11th. The configuration during the period from May 11th – 18th, is very stressful and is another “cardinal cross” like the one that occurred during the week of April 21st. The only difference is that it occurs during about a one week time frame with the faster moving Venus leading the way. Venus will oppose Mars, square Pluto, conjunct Uranus, and square Jupiter from on May 11th – 18th. The peak of this configuration will probably be on the Full Moon and Venus/Pluto square on May 14th or on May 15th on the Venus/Uranus conjunction. Watch these dates carefully.

This is another very significant period in the mundane world when confrontations of a very serious nature may take place, i.e. military escalations, and when the financial markets can get seriously rocked once again with a spike in volatility.

Here is the link for the “Planetary price chart of the month” for the June NQ futures (Nasdaq 100 futures), defining accurate planetary support and resistance. As you can clearly see from this chart, the April 15th low at 3405 at the Mars/Uranus planetary support level is key moving forward this Spring season. A break below 3434 – 3405 would trigger more selling by the hedge funds, a run to the hills, and points to the beginning of a greater correction in the overall market.

Wishing you the very best of trading success in the month of May!


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