The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates and Outlook

Stock Market Astrology and Gold Outlook for Week of Oct. 6th

For week of Oct. 6th: This is probably going to be one of the most volatile week’s of the year!  Mercury retrogrades again on Saturday, Oct. 4th – 25th. The Sun squares Pluto and Mars trines Uranus on Saturday. On Tuesday, the Sun forms an opposition to Uranus. On Wednesday, there is another Lunar Eclipse at 03:51AM pacific time conjunct Uranus!  Expect the unexpected. On Friday, Mercury re-enters Libra and the Sun is sextile Jupiter.

The S & P has continued to decline since the strong Sept. 22nd turn date of the year indicated. If the markets turn down again on Monday, watch for a capitulation lower into Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse. In any case, Wednesday is the strongest key day of the week.

This week’s key reversal days or turning points in all markets are likely to be on Monday, Wednesday, (strongest), and Friday. Good trading to you!

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Commentary on Gold:  Dec. Gold is now due to rebound and turn back up again on Monday. If the 1189 – 1186 weekly planetary support level I indicated for subscribers that held the low on Friday, does not continue to hold, support is just underneath at 1180 at the June and Dec. 2013 lows. Key weekly planetary resistance is now at 1204 – 1207. A break out above 1207 is needed for another buy signal and confirmation of a reversal up again. Good trading to you!

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