ScreenHunter_224 Jan. 28 12.52

Moon in Libra reversal and winning trade of the day for E-Mini on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016.


NQ, Nasdaq 100 futures, for Jan. 20, 2016. Uranus planetary support and resistance.

ScreenHunter_223 Jan. 20 10.32

The QQQ, etf for the Nasdaq, completed a top on the strong April 18th/19th turn date of the month at the .786 fibonacci retracement of the Dec. 2nd, 2015 top to the Feb. 11, 2016 low. This price level was also at the Sun/Mercury planetary lines and price harmonics. This timed an important trend change lower until Friday, May 6th so far. Was the April 19th top, THE top and high for the year?  Time will tell.

ScreenHunter_232 May. 06 17.34

ScreenHunter_234 Jun. 13 13.29

The VXX, etf for the Vix, completed a bottom on Tuesday, June 7th, just one trading day after the strong June 3rd – 6th turn period of the month and “mutable grand cross” involving the Sun/Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. The stock indices completed a top also on June 7th.

The planetary low on June 7th was at the 1st harmonic Jupiter/No. Node lines for the important conjunction in June.