Stock Market Outlook, Commodity Market Outlook and Turn Dates Ahead for week of July 10th

Stock Market Outlook and Commodity Market Outlook:  Over the weekend on Saturday is the Full Moon. On Sunday, Mars completes an inconjunct to Saturn and the Sun completes an opposition to Pluto. On Tuesday, Mars is semi-sextile the No. Node evening the evening, eastern time. On Friday, Mercury is inconjunct Neptune sextile Jupiter, and the Sun is inconjunct Saturn. This week’s most important key reversal days or turning points are likely to be on Monday and Friday. Also watch Wednesday during the middle of the week for more volatility.

Commentary for Emini trading: It was a roller coaster last week as expected. The S & P continues to consolidate and trade sideways since the month of June. Key weekly planetary resistance is now at 2435- 2441. Key weekly planetary support is now at 2405 – 2400. A break of 2400 is the next important sell signal for a move down to lower levels over the coming weeks.

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Commentary for Gold trading: August Gold’s downturn into the Full Moon and strong planetary aspects over the weekend is usually associated with a capitulation low. If the low did not already complete at 1208 – 1204 planetary support on Friday, it is likely to complete by Sunday/Monday. Key planetary resistance is now at 1213 – 1215. A break out above 1215 again is the next buy signal to confirm a reversal to higher weekly levels on Monday’s key reversal day of the week.

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Commentary for Crude Oil trading: August Crude Oil has also likely completed at least a short term low on Friday or by Sunday/Monday. Key planetary support is now at 43.90, then 43.50 – 42.90. Key weekly planetary resistance is now at 44.85 – 45.15. A break out above this weekly level is the next buy signal to confirm a move to higher weekly levels.

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Commentary for Eur/Usd: The Eur/Usd traded sideways last week but the trend remains up. Key planetary resistance this week is now at 1.1448 to break for a new buy signal and continuation higher. Key planetary support is at 1.1356 – 1310. The trend higher can continue unless price breaks this support level.

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