Stock Market Outlook, Commodity Market Outlook and Turn Dates Ahead for week of June 20th

Stock Market Outlook and Commodity Market Outlook: This is an important and volatile week ahead in all markets. The Summer Solstice is on Monday when the Sun enters Cancer and Mercury, Saturn, Neptune form a T-Square and complete a mutable cross with Jupiter and the No. Node on Wednesday. Venus forms another hard aspect to retrograde Mars with the Moon on Friday. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride. This week’s key reversal days or turning points are likely to be on Monday, Wednesday after hours/Thursday, and Friday.

Commentary for Emini trading: E-Mini Gapped higher at the open of Globex on Sunday. Key weekly planetary resistance is now at 2086 – 2090, the next upside target, and planetary support is now at 2071 – 2069 this week. A break out below 2069 is the next sell signal down to lower levels during the week. A pullback this week until Wednesday after hours or Thursday, (the “Brexit” vote), may bring a set up for another turnaround higher. However, a rally is likely to be short lived as the aspects turn stressful again on Friday.

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Commentary for Gold trading: August Gold remained strong last week and traded above new planetary support at the 1285 – 1278 level. This held the low. There still may be one more push higher if price stays above 1278. A break of 1278 is needed to show new weakness for another pullback. Key planetary resistance is now at 1303 – 1309. A break out above this level is needed for next buy signal to higher levels. The planetary price level for the Saturn/Neptune cycle is at 1333. This target remains possible if price breaks through 1309. The “Solstice” on Monday is most important for the Gold market. Either another “short term” top is due to complete or turn down to begin again on Monday’s important key day of the week for Gold.

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Commentary for Crude Oil trading:  Key planetary support for August Crude Oil is now at 47.00 – 46.60. A turn around higher began from this level on Friday. (The 45.70 – 45.50 level previously listed was for the July contract). A break of 46.60, (August contract), is needed for a new sell signal to lower levels. Key planetary resistance is now at 49.10 – 49.30, then 50.20 – 50.60. A break out above 50.20 – 50.60 this week is most important to show more strength for more upside.

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Commentary for Eur/Usd: The Eur/Usd found support at the 1.1180 – 1140 planetary support level indicated last week. A turn around higher began from this level. This is key support to hold for more upside. A break of 1.1140 is needed for a new sell signal. Key planetary resistance is now at 1.1325 – 1355. A break out above 1355 is needed for the next buy signal to higher levels.

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