The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates and Outlook

Stock Market Outlook, Commodity Market Outlook and Turn Dates Ahead for week of May 2nd

Stock Market Outlook and Commodity Market Outlook: Venus changed signs and entered Taurus on Friday, 04/29. The Sun sextiles Neptune on Sunday. On Tuesday, the Sun completes a trine to Jupiter. The New Moon is on Friday when the next non-farm payrolls is released. This week’s key reversal days or turning points are likely to be on Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday is the most important key day of the week in terms of direction leading into Friday’s key day. The Mars/Uranus cycle is likely to keep the volatility strong this week.

The next important key turn date of the month is also just around the corner on Monday/Tuesday, May 9th – May 10th, when the planet Jupiter turns stationary direct as the Sun completes a conjunction to Mercury and Venus trines Jupiter.

Commentary for Emini trading: The E-Mini continued its decline last week since the top completed on April 20th, within one trading day of strong April 18th/19th turn period of the month at the 2105 – 2107 weekly planetary resistance level. Key planetary resistance is now at 2069 – 2071 this week to hold for the trend lower to continue. A break above 2071 again is a buy signal to higher levels. Key planetary support is at 2047. A break of this key level is needed for a new sell signal again.

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Commentary for Gold trading: June Gold broke out to the upside on last Thursday’s most important key day of the week. If the advance continues another short term top is likely to complete by Tuesday’s key day. Key planetary resistance is at 1294 – 1298 that held the high on Friday. A break out above 1298 is needed for the next buy signal to higher levels before a top completes. If Gold remains strong, the advance could possibly extend as high as the 1330 – 1334 longer term planetary resistance area at this stage of the advance. Key planetary support is now at 1285. A break of 1285 would be needed to show new weakness in the current uptrend.

Monday Gold update: June Gold reached the next upside target on Monday sent to Gold traders and subscribers at 1306.50. A turn down has begun from this level. A break below 1285 is still needed for a new sell signal for another pullback to lower levels.

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Commentary for Crude Oil trading: The strong April 18th/19th turn period of the month timed an important pivot low in Crude Oil and strong reversal higher into Friday. If the advance continues, another short term top is likely to complete by Tuesday. Key planetary resistance is now at 47.00 – 47.30 to break for a buy signal to higher levels. Key planetary support is now at 45.20 – 44.80 to hold for the strength to continue. A break of 44.80 would signal another pullback.

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Commentary for Eur/Usd: The Eur/Usd rallied strongly last week on weakness in the Usd. Key planetary support to hold for the advance to continue is now at 1.1415. A break of this key level is a sell signal for another pullback. Key planetary resistance is now at 1.1470 to break for a new buy signal and continuation to higher levels. Watch Tuesday for either a top or turn down to begin again.

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