Uranus square Pluto; Solar Eclipse; Jupiter Retrograde; Mercury turns Direct; Neptune turns Direct

On Friday, November 1st, Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the 4th of 7 “squares” this planetary pair will make through the year 2015.  Whatever “houses” these two planets are transiting in your own individual birth chart, will bring some radical changes in these areas of your life. These changes can be for your greater good as it signifies letting go of attachments and moving forward in a new positive direction. The urge to get things accomplished and move forward is strong now. However, since Mercury is also retrograde until Nov. 10th, it’s still best not to make hasty actions or decisions about things until after this date.

On Sunday, November 3rd, a Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 04:50AM, pacific time. This Eclipse occurs at 11 degrees Scorpio forming an almost exact sextile to Mars in Virgo and within 3 degrees of a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio. This remains a high energy cycle through the first week of November. This Eclipse can help activate your drive and ambition to achieve and get the job done. The conjunction to Saturn can also bring a more serious outlook related to finances, use of resources, and your emotional well being. Some emotional stuff may come up for you to examine. Security needs can take on more importance.

On Wednesday, November 5th, the planet Jupiter turns retrograde again at 20 degrees in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter’s retrograde will last until March 6th, 2014. During the Jupiter retrograde cycle, this may bring up some unfinished business or unresolved issues related to family. On an emotional level, its a favorable period for more self introspection and healing any emotional blocks you may have. It a good period for examining your belief system.

On Sunday, November 10th, the planet Mercury turns stationary direct again. It’s a better period to begin to make important decisions and move forward with plans. A few days later on Wednesday, November 13th, the planet Neptune also ends its retrograde cycle and turns direct at 2 1/2 degrees in the sign of Pisces. As Mercury turns direct at  2 1/2 degrees Scorpio, it will also be forming a tight trine to Neptune in Pisces.

The Mercury/Neptune water trine will be strongest through the middle of November. This is a favorable period for expressing your creativity and spiritual side. You can also experience heightened intuition about things. It’s a good time to trust and tune in to your feelings. Issues or problems areas in your life can get resolved or healed at some levels if an effort is made and negative forms of escapism are avoided.

Stay tuned for more important “Astro-News” in December.

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T.S. Phillips
Astro Advisory Services, Inc.