January 2014 Horoscopes

          “Horoscopes for the month of January” 

© T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc., 2014

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The new year starts out with a reality check. There is also the tendency to over indulge and let your emotions run the show through the 9th of the month. Try to maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships. During the second half of the month, Mercury trines your planetary ruler, Mars. You can come up with some new and original ideas to help advance your plans.


As your planetary ruler Venus, continues to retrograde until the end of the month, it’s a time to re-evaluate your career goals and what’s truly important in your life. The focus is on higher learning and education, expanding your mind, and belief system. Some relationship issues come to the surface for you to examine around the middle of the month.


The focus is on finances and the use of resources to better your career or goals. Your serious attitude and tone begins to shift on January 11th when your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters the sign of its exaltation, Aquarius. You can be flooded with new, inventive ideas. Communications with others at a distance or through travel can open up new doors for you during the second half of the month.


The focus remains on significant others, partners, and your relationship needs. Practice moderation. You are more prone to over-indulgences through the 8th of the month. Around the middle of the month, a balance needs to be reached between your relationships and family. After the 11th, you can come up with new ideas for making money and using resources to your advantage.


Your serious attitude takes over. You start out the new year wanting to get the job done and achieve your goals. Avoid misunderstanding with employees or co-workers around the middle of the month. After the 11th, you are in a cycle for attracting new and perhaps unusual or extraordinary types of people. The focus turns towards personal relationships and social involvements.


The focus is on romantic involvements or creative projects. Children may play an important role in your life. Your investments may need to be re-examined. Be more cautious in this area around the middle of the month. After the 11th when your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Aquarius, you can come up with new and original ideas for becoming more efficient at work or in your daily routine.


You are prone to excess and taking on way too much during the first week of January. Strive for more balance and moderation. Some family or relationships issues come to the surface around the middle of the month. It’s a good time to clear the air about things. Inner work on your self can lead to much growth and personal transformation towards the end of the month.


You start to come out more from doing things behind the scenes. Your focus turns towards daily tasks, work, and achieving a sense of accomplishment. The can lead to a financial opportunity or greater rewards around the 10th. Some internal strife of yours may need to be resolved around the middle of the month, but this can also lead to some positive changes in your life.


The focus is more on accomplishing your goals in the material and business realm. You have your sight on some greater goals this year, but make sure you have realistic expectations. Be cautious with money matters around the middle of the month. Some friends of yours may also need assistance in some way. After the 11th, your objectivity becomes stronger and you are inspired by some new, original ideas.


The new year starts off for you with increased drive and ambition as opportunity is staring at you right in the face during the first week of January. This can lead to the manifestation of some of your goals around the time of the Sun/Venus conjunction in your sign on the 10th. After the 11th, your inventive and original ideas can lead to new money making opportunities this month.


This is a good month to clean out your closet, both literally and figuratively. It’s time to let go of things you no longer use as well as any psychological or emotional baggage in your life. After the 11th, it’s time to express your ideas, even if they seem too far out for some people. Social interactions are favored for making new friends and alliances during the second half of the month.


This is a favorable month for networking and participating more in groups or organizations. This can lead to an opportunity if you are willing to roll up your sleeves around the 10th. After the 11th, you may feel like your voice isn’t heard enough. Be more assertive for asking for the things you want. You can gain more objectivity about your personal relationships during the second half of the month.