February horoscopes

“Planetary Themes for the month of February” 

(As published in the Malibu Times)

© T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


This is a good month for more personal introspection and focusing on your emotional well being. Take a step back and reflect on things after the 7th. You are driven to get things accomplished, but prone to excess and taking on too much during the first week of February. Social involvements and dealing with the public is more favorable during the second half of the month.


As your planetary ruler Venus is no longer retrograde since Jan. 31st, this can help you get back on track with your goals and ambitions. Keep your expectations of others in check during the first week of the month. After the 7th, this is a good period for reconnecting with friends or acquaintances from your past and even getting more involved with charitable organizations.


With your planetary ruler, Mercury, transiting the sign of Pisces through the 12th, you may be a bit “dazed and confused” about some things in your life. Take time to re-evaluate decisions and career goals. Take out the magnified glass and have a closer look. You are probably overlooking important things. Turn more within and focus on your emotional well being through the 12th.


The focus is on personal relationships and significant others. You may feel like there is an obstacle related to getting your needs met. Too much work or responsibilities on either side of a relationship may be getting in the way. This can begin to clear during the second week. After the 7th, re-evaluate your belief system or spiritual views. You can uncover deeper truths.


A closer look at your finances, expenses, and investments are in store this month. What aren’t you seeing clearly or overlooking? Emotionally, you can dig deeper into unknown territory through the 12th. You are in a positive cycle for making new friends and in your social life during the second half of the month. Other people can stimulate and challenge your way of thinking.


You may feel like it’s the blind leading the blind this month in your personal or business relationships until the 12th.  Use your strengths and ability to analyze things carefully to see through the illusions you may be indulging in. After the 12th, you can get more objectivity and clarity into matters. More satisfaction can come from your work and relationships with co-workers.


You feel compelled to create more balance between your career, family, and relationship needs. Something has to give. During the beginning of the month, there is the motivation for more personal transformation and digging deeper into core personal issues. After the 12th, your creativity can come out more. Personal relationships, friendships, and social interactions are favored.


You can feel a deeper, emotional connection to your personal needs and family. Through the 12th, it’s a good time for healing and resolving inners issues. A spiritual or creative outlet can also bring more inner peace. After the 12th, try to be more flexible with your ideas and adaptable to the needs of others. Stubbornness will get you nowhere!


Wishful thinking will not help you get very far this month. Remain realistic and practical with the implementation of your ideas. Avoid over spending and balance your own personal budget during the beginning of the month. After the 12th, you can get more objectivity about situations. During the second half of the month, you can reconnect socially with old friends and acquaintances.


Money matters and career goals take on primary importance and a serious tone at the beginning of the month. You may feel like your relationship needs are getting a little short changed due to added work related responsibilities. Remember it’s about quality time with others. Your emotional, creative, and spiritual side comes out more through the 12th.


There may be some relationship or love issues you have been stuffing underneath the surface to examine this month. It’s a good time to get to the root of any problems. Money could easily slip through your fingers if you are not careful through the 12th. After the 12th, you can come into your own again. Your active mind and original ideas can get you far.


With Mercury conjunct Neptune in your sign until the 12th, you are in your own element, but may have a hard time keeping your feet on the ground and staying on planet earth! Avoid escapism and keep healthy boundaries with others. This is a good time for spiritual outlets and deepening emotional connections. Your creativity can reach new heights this month.