The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates Ahead: Week of November 18th

For week of Nov. 18th: Venus square Uranus conjunct Pluto was on Thursday/Friday and the Full Moon is on Sunday, the 17th. The “Yellen parade” on wall street continued to fuel the bulls last week into this strong planetary configuration. The S & P in over-bought territory and is now testing longer term planetary resistance for the Uranus/Pluto cycle at 1790 – 1810. Only a fool would jump in at these over -extended levels at longer term planetary resistance. Mercury conjuncts the No. Node after hours on Monday and Mars is sextile Jupiter on Tuesday morning. This positive aspects may keep holding the market up early in the week below 1790 – 1810 resistance for the S & P. On Thursday evening, the Sun changes signs and enters Sagittarius. This week’s key reversal days or turning points in all markets are likely to be on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Good trading to you!

Commentary on Gold: My outlook for Gold is beginning to improve. Transiting Pluto is finally beginning to move off the conjunction to the Sun and square to Pluto for NY Gold, (12/31/1974). The banksters could only drive it back down to 1260 this time around during the stressful Uranus square Pluto cycle the last couple of weeks. Key planetary resistance and the next upside target is now at 1330 – 1360. A break out above 1360 during the coming weeks and the year end target is back at the 1430 – 1450 level.