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Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is used to answer your specific questions.

Horary means “by the hour.” It is the branch of astrology in which answers are given to questions using a chart drawn up for the time a question is posed. Think of it like a “birth chart” for your question.

It is one of the most useful areas of astrology if you are seeking an immediate answer to any important question with a high degree of accuracy.

I did my first lecture on modern horary techniques back in 1996 in Sydney, Australia for the Sydney Astrological Research Society, SARS. I used to be married to a woman from Sydney. There were about 25 astrologers in attendance, mostly professionals. Each of the attendees had the opportunity to have a question answered. From the same chart calculated, I was able to answer all of the different questions!

To simplify, in horary astrology, one of the 12 houses is assigned to the specific question. The aspects or angles between the planets ruling the signs on the house cusps ruling the question and planets in the houses will reveal if it is a Yes or No answer and many other important details of practical value.

I have analyzed and answered thousands of horary charts for questions during my career. These charts continue to amaze me how synchronistic life truly is!

The question should be of an important nature and have a sense of urgency. A chart is run and analyzed from my locality based on the precise time I understand the question. The answer can be reviewed over the phone or a written analysis can be sent to you.

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