The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates Ahead: Week of April 21st

For week of April 21st:  The first leg down in the S & P from the April 4th top culminated on Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse as expected and forecast last week. This timed a rebound back up on Wednesday’s reversal day and advance into the Venus trine Jupiter aspect on Thursday, April 17th.  This is a set up for another turn back down this week.

MAJOR hard core aspects occur this week that may bring extreme volatility at times. This week’s aspects are often times associated with unexpected market crashes or very wild price swings! The rare “cardinal cross” is the strongest on Tuesday/Wednesday, see

Key planetary resistance for the S & P cash was reached on Friday at 1869 – 1874.  As long as this resistance level on the S & P cash or the E-Mini futures holds, the market is likely to turn down again hard. Key planetary support for the E-Mini this week is now at 1855 – 1853. A break below is another sell signal. A break below 1838 – 1834 would signal a greater move lower is underway. If markets decline into the cross on Wednesday, this will probably be another set up for a rebound again on Thursday. Trade the volatility and be safe. Good trading to you!

Commentary on Gold: June Gold nailed the important 1329 – 1335 weekly planetary resistance level indicated at last week’s high. Gold may continue to show weakness or decline further unless price can break out above 1335 once again. On the downside, if 1285 – 1277 planetary support does not hold, watch 1260 or the lower harmonic at 1225, (less likely), for a bottom to complete if the banksters attempt to smash it down again. Be prepared for wild swings in Gold this week. Good trading to you!

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