The Next Stock and Commodity Market Turn Dates Ahead: Week of April 28th

For week of April 28th: The advance in equities from the bottom on the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th, culminated on last week’s “cardinal cross” then a top completed and turn back down began again on Friday. Key planetary resistance for the E-Mini S & P is at 1868 – 1876 and support is now at 1840 – 1832 this week.  A break down below 1832 is needed to show more weakness again in the daily time frame.

If the E-Mini remains weak on Monday and continues to decline into the Solar Eclipse, this would be another set up for a rebound again on Tuesday. However, a rebound may be short lived during the week. It’s going to choppy at times especially on the big range days on Wednesday’s fomc announcement and when non-farms payrolls is released before the open at 05:30AM, pacific on Friday.

My outlook and expectation is for a significant correction in the stock indices during this Spring season. Another very stressful planetary configuration, same as the one last week except in the exactness of the orb between the planets, will occur once again during the period from May 10th – 18th. Good trading to you!

Commentary on Gold:  June Gold completed a bottom at 1272 – 1268 planetary support indicated in last Thursday’s daily report. A rebound back up began again on Thursday. Gold will be in a strong position to advance if price remains above 1299 – 1292 this week. On the upside, 1328 – 1335 planetary resistance is likely to remain strong if it is tested this week.

If Gold advances into the Solar Eclipse, this is likely to time another short term move back down on Tuesday.  If this is the case, it will probably be short lived. It’s going to be a very wild ride on Wednesday and Friday with strong price swings in both directions. Good trading to you!

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