Vix Market Timing. Vix gets lift off! Planetary price chart for the low

Vix market timing. The important and strong turn period of the month from June 3rd – 6th I indicated in advance to subscribers and readers of my weekly market blog got the job done!

Gold began to surge higher on Friday, June 3rd. This move continued all of last week. The stock indices completed a top when the Vix completed a bottom on Tuesday, June 7th, within one trading day of this important turn period.

The Vix, volatility index, was extremely oversold and at depressed levels at the begining of June. At the low, VXX, the etf for Vix, was down roughly 60% since the Feb. 11th top. It looked like no bottom was in site. This is usually a red flag for stock market bulls and precedes something major happening or a trend change down in stocks. Case in point was last Summer in July when the Vix was making new lows just before the crash.

The chart I posted is for the VXX, the etf for the Vix, which completed a bottom on Tuesday, June 7th, just one trading day after the strong June 3rd – 6th turn period of the month and “mutable grand cross” involving the Sun/Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

The VXX gets lift off like a rocket ship the last two trading days! Watching 19.63 as the next destination point. There is much more upside potential when the stock market begins to break down further during the Summer.

The planetary low on June 7th was at the 1st harmonic Jupiter/No. Node lines for the important conjunction in June. The Nodes of the Moon are astronomical points where the ecliptic crosses the path of the Moon. The Nodes are important in astrology and financial astrology.

You can view it here at my planetary price charts page at the bottom. Click on chart to expand.

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